An Open Letter From God The Father
To Pope Benedict XVI

Below is a letter explaining what is currently going on and links to two web pages explaining a great deal of what I want done in The United States. Again, I tell you directly that it is my desire that you providea a courier protector for this effort. That The Catholic Church join this effort. I instruct you to accept the Apostleship of John Lennon and to instruct all Catholics in the world to accept it, and assist in his ascension to The Rulership Of The Kingdoms Of God. I ask you especially to have The Catholic Church publish Linda Polley's book of her work with John Lennon's book in Italian and use the proceeds from this to fund the courier/protector. I am sure The Polleys would be more than glad to share any surplus with The Church to help with its financial burdens and would be more than glad to offer other material that the Church could use to raise funds. There is so much that we could to together! They are only trivial misunderstandings that are keeping us apart. False teachings that have ben embedded in Catholocism that have to be removed. Though this might be painful and hurt some male egos, it is best for everyone. Again, I express to you that it is my profound desire that you make Speaker Polley a cardinal because of his long years of his devoted service to me, the first married cardinal. Perhaps in time you could find it in your soul to appoint his wife a bishop and give her direct authority, also. But the beginning, the first step, is to accept my servant and to recognize that I speak through him. This is the beginning of the restoration of Catholicism. Christianity does not have to fail because in their ignorance man has given Jesus away. Those He has left behind can still serve Him, if they are empowered, if they are supported. There is nothing they cannot accomplish. You are one of the key factors in this effort. The Church Of Rome can rise to glory, or it can be forgotten forever. The choice is yours. It is a simple matter of issuing a Papal decree, and saying "This man is a servant of God, no matter how unpopular what he says is, it is the word of God. Therefore he should be recognized by the church. It's that simple! A few simple words that change the destiny of mankind. Few have such power, but you do.. If you will utter them mankind will survive. If you will not there is little doubt he will perish. The choice is yours. I hope you choose wisely because all who have come before you are praying that you do. Join us, no matter how difficult it is, no matter hard it is to accept some truths, join us! Be my glory!
Do not think that this can be avoided. Either you or one of your successors will declare that Speaker Gerald Polley was a servant of God, and therefore eligable for Sainthood. The Church will accept him, there is no questiion of that. The only question is, will it be in time to save mankind? It will be tragic if it is not.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All, Now, And, Forever

An Open Letter From God The Father
To The Media Of The World
And The Embassies In Washington, DC
26- 02-00 AJ

My dear servants are both sick with the stomach flu, and that they can summon the strength to work at all shows their great devotion to me. Linda was unable to email yesterday, which would've made an email combined with today's information too long. So we have prepared two temporarly web pages with the information that we intended to send out yesterday on the courier/protectors, and the information from today on what we want to do with a temple in Washington, DC. Very important subjects! The row between The Mormons in The Afterlife that are centered in Salt Lake City, and those that are centered in Eldorado, Texas, is still fierce. The Mormons at Salt Lake City want to be the victors. But if their people do not respond and the others come forward with the funds and a courier protector they will be accepted. It is explained on the first web page why a Mormon protector to lead the effort is so vital.

( See Page 36 )

( See Page 37 )

We would appreciate this information being passed on to both the Mormon church in Salt Lake City and the ones in Eldorado, as our efforts to reach them have been futile. That is why we are relying on the press to contact them, and we think it's a good news story too! That even with their problems, Warren Jeffs' people have among them someone who has the power to save the world. It is a great example of my glory!
Sadly it appears that the courier/protectors or even alternates might not be safe! It is believed that the creatures of Darkness in Miami, Florida got Pablo Amador to kill his wife and daughters for fear the daughters might join the effort, bringing their talents for music with them. This was a very tiny possibility, but the creatures of Darkness feared these young womens' powers so much that they made their father destroy them. These are the most horrible times, these are the most dispicable times! And that these foul creatures boast of these efforts, and say that they can stop us no matter what we try to do is frustrating beyond anyone's understanding! They must be proven wrong, they must be!
And one more note to all members of the media. Remember, I am looking for a media contact in each major city that will make the public there aware of our efforts. There are great rewards for this service, rewards beyond most peoples' wildest dreams.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All, Now, And Forever


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