An Open Letter From Speaker Gerald A. Polley
To The Media Of The World
03-07-00 AJ

Had not intended an email today, but something so incredible happened that God had to come and issue an official decree of praise because nothing like it has ever been seen before! ( See Page 6 ) It concerns Michael Jackson and the new song he has given below in The Afterlife. An incredible story goes with it, but it will only be available at the end of the month when our magazine comes out, unless people that want it send an email asking for it. But things are happening that are beyond imagination, things that a little while ago would have been said to be impossible, phenomena beyond the belief of many in The Afterlife! And They've seen some pretty incredible phenomena! Here's the lyrics to the song and a link to the MP3. If anybody wants to purchase it and record it the profits would go to paying Michael's debts.

By; Michael Jackson
Channeled Through Gerald A. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. Don't shiver in the Darkness, Don't tremble in the night,
For you are the glory, That for which we fight!
Come into the sunshine! Come into the Light!
For you are the glory That shines for us at night!

2. Don't shiver in the Darkness, Don't tremble in the night,
For God gives you the power To make the world so right!
If you now stand with us, If you give to us the Light
We'll overcome the Darkness We'll defeat the night!

3. Don't tremble in the Darkness, Don't shiver in the night,
But come and stand beside us, Come and do what's right!
Stand against the evil And defeat the darkest night!
For you are the glory, The wonder of the Light!

4. Don't tremble in the Darkness, Don't shiver in the night,
But take my hand and join me, and walk into the Light!
You will be the glory, The wonder of the Light!
Come and walk together, Come into the Light!

Come and walk together!
Come into the Light!

There's a bit of an argument. Michael says this song is mine, that I wrote it some time ago, and it's stored away with a lot of our unused material in The Afterlife. I say "Not a prayer! I never wrote anything anywhere near this!" So we put Michael's name in the credits, and no matter how much They argue that's the way it's gonna stay! Michael insisted I make the MP3. He didn't want my wife to sing it. Though I'm having trouble singing after my heart attack, I did my best. But I really would like to have some really good voice record it. I simply can't do it justice. Here's the latest art work. God insists I keep it coming!

He Who Serves Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever


It Is Wondrous!

People are asking "What was so great about Michael's miracle? Jesus raised people from the dead." Absolutely true! He did raise people from the dead! But no one up until Michael did it, has ever brought anyone back from the second death! This is a wonder beyond belief, beyond understanding. In the hundreds of thousands of years that We have existed We have never had a report of it. This is something absolutely phenomenal! And many are praying there will be more. Michael has visited several people in the Darkness and brought them back into The Light. But nothing like this has occurred again. Many who have lost young ones into eternal night because of the drugs their parents used, are praying that some of them can be returned, which is only natural. And We need every Soul. Though We are holding Our ground We are still fighting a terrible shortfall with this generation. We cannot lose 65% or better. The Circle Of Life simply will not be able to stand it! We've got to win back some of those supporting homosexuality and those insanely opposing abortion and other problems around the world. We are making progress. We have actually turned quite a few souls in Pakistan! They have seen the error of The Taliban's ways. But We must do more. There is so much that needs to be done!

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