An Open Letter To The Editor Of The Ellsworth American
From Speaker Gerald A. Polley, A Servant Of God
11-12-00 AJ

As we contemplate our move back to Ellsworth, in the hope of tapping into the Source of power that is there and saving mankind, we are beseiged with a series of problems. Though we will be staying with my sister for a while she does not like us doing God's work in her home. So we will need to find a place where we can set up operations temporarily and continue God's work, especially His daily emails to the world, trying to raise the force to restore my powers and save mankind. The need to find a suitable workplace is paramount. There are several possibilities and God was wondering if you might contact some of the people involved and see if they might give us some space for a time to do God's work, or, rent us some at a reasonable rate.
Of course the very best place would be the church behind city hall. If there was a room there we could use that had internet connections it would be ideal. We would be right in the power source. If you have any connections with those operating that church and could explain the circumstances to them, and ask if there is any possibility of us acquiring some space there, this would be ideal.
You would not believe where the next most powerful place would be...your offices on Water Street! If there is any chance that you could make some space available to us that would also work very well. This is because of your paper's long service to the community. The energy that is there because of this service would make it very easy for us to tap into the energy that's in the area. So it would be a very good location.
The next best place would be the library. Though we would like some place out of the way so God's work would not disturb the rest of the people using the library, but it would be a very good location.
Another place would be a local radio station. Is the one still operating across the street from the church? God would also like to do a daily broadcast from there. It would be ideal. If not that, if KISS had some space they would be ideal. As you can see, there are several possibilities of solving this problem. I have presented them in order of power.
Of course the best solution would be the property at 32 Church Street, where we could quickly set up operations. I'm quite sure that building has had cable t.v. and we could quickly get internet. If there was some possibility of us finding a sponsor that would give us a $200,000 no interest loan for 20 years the interest being our work for God, we could set up operations there very quickly.
God so wants us to be able to carry on His work! Besides the daily emails which are very important, to keeping the energy flows going, He wants Linda to complete John Lennon's gift for Christmas, my story "The Peace Keepers," and for her to be able to repair our web site, fix the damage the hackers have done so we can get it fully back in service. Any support in these efforts that you could give us would be very beneficial.
Speaking of our web site, God wanted me to make mention of the fact that we're trying to find sponsors for each page of our magazines that we already have online to raise funds for our efforts. He is asking us to request a thousand dollar donation for a lifetime ad on any page that will be there as long as our web site exists, and we intend for it to exist for a long time. As soon as we can get the web site up and running he would like very much for you to look through the magazine and see if there are any pages that The Ellsworth American would like to sponsor. And of course if you could make this effort known to others in the community and encourage them to sponsor a page, there are many subjects that some would like to continue to make available to the public. God says especially our pages promoting a separate homeland for The Palestinians outside of Israel should be of interest to the Jewish community in Ellsworth and around the world. God's struggle against the homosexuals should be of interest to those opposing this sickness that is destroying mankind. There is just so much that many should be supporting.
God would still like to have you publish a chapter of one of my stories each month and perhaps print special editions with some of my works such as "The Book Of The Nazarene" and "The Book Of Muhammed," that if we can get store front could be sold to visitors from around the world. There are so many ways He would like The Ellsworth American to take part in our struggle that could help save mankind.
God wishes He could offer you the reward of giving you power and glory equal to His own in a thousand years, and a world in the stars for you to rule over. Unfortunately He cannot. But He will promise this. If the governor should come forward and take the place that God is offering him, or, if the lady in Ellsworth should choose to work with us and receive God's power and glory, He will petition which ever one takes this position, that you be their high steward, their highest Apostle, and receive a tenth of the world that they will receive to distribute to those that work with you. This, in iteself, is a very substantial offer, a very great reward, which is sought by many.

A Servant Of Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

FOOTNOTE: We have no phone or internet. Right now the only way you could get ahold of us is to contact my sister Esther Curtis on The Bayside Road. Our friend Jesse who is being so kind as to escort us home because he worries rather or not I can make it, will be calling her letting her know we are on our way. If she was to give him some message from you that you have been able to arrange some work space for us, God would be joyous. These are terrible times. Terrible things are happening everywhere. My situation seems small and insignificant but it has done a gret deal of damage to God's efforts. The creatures of Darkness have broken Our power in North Dakota. To save mankind we must reestablish it in Maine. Everyone that helps will be glorified, will be remembered forever.

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