DECEMBER 12, 2,009

I didn't write here yesterday because I was really sick with a bad cold. The neighbor lady came over and told Gerald her and her husband would help us load the UHaul Sunday and she gave me a new big container of orange juice for my cold. Finishing packing up the pc etc. Jesse took us out to The Fortune Cookie for the actual last time, and, a ride. We will miss North Dakota! Like Gerald I can't wait until we're on the road! Feeling better and I'm getting my taste and smell back.

DECEMBER 13, 2,009

8:45 AM MOVING DAY IS HERE AT LAST! WOO HOO! But it's snowing again as Gerald predicted. Got up at 7. Have almost everything ready now. Jesse will be coming around 11 a.m. so we can get the UHaul. Gerald says it'll be 14 ft. not 10. We'll see. Doing last laundry. Taste and smell gone again, but feeling alot better with Day Time cold capsules and the NightTime liquid.

12:`15 PM- Gerald & Jesse gone to get UHaul. Took pics of apartment. Gave coffeepot and air conditioner to neighbor, also rocking chair and coffee table. She also took the vinegar! LOL!

DECEMBER 14, 2,009

BEGINNING MILEAGE- 043341.5 YAY! After a good night at Jesse's apartment we're officially off to Maine! WOO HOO! Next stop Valley City for breakfast. It's cold. 5 am and BRRR! GAS in Bismarck, $2.69 a gallon. Minus 5 degrees. 5:23 am OFFICIALLY BOUND EAST!

Valley City 7:15 a.m GAS- $35.00 - $12.59 gallon 2.779 MILEAGE- 043474.1 Now the UHaul won't start! Jesse is trying to give it a boost. Keep everything crossed. It is 6 below! YAY it worked! Off to breakfast at The Broken Spoke.

8:40 am Back on the road! Yum! Oh Jesse paid for breakfast.

9:23 Passing through Fargo! Seems like only yesterday we were moving into the trailer! Made some history there!

9:31 Left North Dakota, now in Moorhead, Minnesota, the city where Gerald used to work.

10:13 am Rothsay, MN Rothsay Truck Stop MIELAGE- 043574.6 GAS- 23.4 gallons $2.54 a gallon.

11:50 am Lunch! At Freeport, MN, Charlie's Cafe. $1977. 12:31 pm MILEAGE- 043677.8 On the road again! Great place Highly recommended. Charlie was nice!

1:45 pm Minneapolis, MN! Passing through. MILEAGE- 043764.5.

2:34 pm Now entering Wisconsin! MILEAGE- 043798.8 Windshield wipers not working. Had to clean with snow. Stopped to get Gas at Quick Trip. $25.24 a gallon. $65.10.

4:09 pm Eau Claire, WI! Burger King supper $15.27. Couldn't find The Olive Garden. $5.04 paid by Jesse. MILEAGE- 043669.5.

5:35 pm Back on the road! Got my good pen back! Had dropped it in Uhaul.

6:21 pm Camp Douglas Motel, Camp Douglas, WI. A nice quiet place. We couldn't make it until 8 pm. Got 2 big beds for $62.50. Highly recommended. Now to update Twitter and take a shower before bed.

DECEMBER 15, 2,009

GAS- $15.63 a gallon $40.02. 6:07 am MILEAGE- 043958.8. Off again!

7:20 am The Iron Skillet Restaurant. Yummy breakfast buffet, scrambled eggs and hash browns! I could taste it! Gerald bought a TracFone! The Iron Skillet, Portage WI $28.85. Cell phone $14.00 30 minutes $19.99 MILEAGE- 044015.5.

9:40 am Welcome to Illinois! WOO HOO! MILEAGE- 044094.0 TOLL- $1.00

10:19 am TOLL- $3.00

10:37 am TOLL- $1.50 Chicago/Rockford. Forgot to mention, I don't think The Iron Skillet playing a Beatles song when we went in was coincidence; more of John Lennon's handiwork!

11:14 am TOLL- $1.50

11:25 am Chicago skyline!! Passing through Chicago. MILEAGE- 044194.7.

11:45 am 90 East!

11:46 am TOLL- $3.00. Welcome to Indiana! MILEAGE- 044201.4

11:53 am TOLL- $1.25 MILEAGE- 044222.5

12:12 pm Lunch Portage, IND George Ade Plaza. Italian at Fizoli's. Called Esther in Ellsworth.

1:12 pm GAS- 30 gallons $70.79. Paid for by Jesse.

2:09 pm South Bend, IN. Next 2 exists. Ooops! 3:11 pm EST! YAY! Stopped for soda. MILEAGE- 044326.6 and potty break, Gerald says.

4:19 pm TOLL- $2.13

4:57 pm TOLL- $6.75 Indiana Road,.

4:58 pm Ohio! YAY! MILEAGE- 044358.3 Ohio Turnpike Ticket! Speed limit 65, Toledo, 66 miles.

5:56 pm Huns Host Travel Mart, Fallen Timbers Travel Plaza $22.67 Supper.

5:48 MILEAGE- 044406.7 Want 271 miles today.

7:46 Ohio Commission Turnpike TOLL- $12.25.

8:02 pm Hampton Inn, Sandusky, Ohio. Great room with continental breakfast free!

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