DECEMBER 16, 2,009

7:08 am Leaving Sandusky, OH. MILEAGE- 044477.5

7:37 am GAS $74.55 for 29.36 gallons.

7:59 am MILEAGE- 044499.9 On 90 east! 8:04 TOLL- $2.50.

8:35 am Columbus! A car stopped quick in front of us. The medicine box went flying! Everything's ok. Beautiful city, old stuff. On Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. 9:40 am Stopped at Kingsville for soda and biscuit.

10:40 am Leaving MILEAGE- 044596.0

10:14 am Entered Pennsylvania! MILEAGE- 044605.2.

11:00 am Radio station playing John Lennon's song "Happy Xmas, War Is Over." Gerald says "You know, I think we just entered New York!" I don't think that's coincidence.

11:22 am Plaza 6 GAS- $2.55 gallon. MILEAGE- 044680.0 Lunch at Bob Evans #283 Dunkirk, NY. DROOL! Open face roast beef sandwiches with home made cole slaw! $30.13.

12:27 Not bad for gas! #54.70, $19.54 a gallon.

1:09 pm TOLL- $3.45 Not Buffalo yet.

1:26 pm Buffalo! MILEAGE- 044720.0 Sorry Niagra Falls! (We planned to stay there overnight but it was too early.) Rest stop again. All having toilet problems Gerald says for me to write. MILEAGE- 044571.4 A woman knocked on the door of my stall and asked if her keys were on the toilet paper thing. I carefully checked and sure enough! I handed them to her under the door. Hope I don't get any disease from them!

2:27 pm Rochester, NY!

3:44 pm At a rest stop outside of town. Jesse got our cell phone working! I sat in his car with him while Gerald took a nap. Snowy day. Blah! But great scenery.

3:52 pm Back on the road. Clifton Springs, NY MILEAGE- 044811.7 3:52 pm Supper!

4:43 pm At S'barro's! Super drool! Oh, the memories! $40.10. Bad snow storm. Low visibility. No defrost on UHaul. TOLL- $14.15 NY State Thruway Plaza. Spending the night at Graziano's Inn, Canastota, NY. It was a great place!

DECEMBER 17, 2,009

6:15 am Leaving. MILEAGE- 044887.9 GAS- 21 gallons $56.59.

6:31 am To Albany then breakfast!

8:15 am Albany! Rush hour traffic! Blame pc glitch we got caught in it.

8:22 Passing through Albany! TOLL- $10.50 MILEAGE- 045004.2

9:41 am TOLL- $1.60

9:47 am Massachusetts! MILEAGE- 045042.2

11:04 am GAS 23.108 Gallons $61.21.

11:59 am Sign says "To Maine, 495"!

12:01 pm TOLL- $1.75 MILEAGE- 045150.5

1:17 pm Lunch over. Was at D'Angelo's. Yum! Back to 495 which goes to I-95 North. By Gulf Station. MILEAGE- 045174.4.

1:53 pm 95 North sign at last! 95 North NOW! WOO HOO! OOOPS! No one mile yet.

1:55 pm New Hampshire! TOLL- $4.00

2:14 pm MAINE AREA! WOO HOO! MILEAGE- 045229.9.

2:22 pm IN MAINE! TOLL- $5.00 GAS- $61.00 21.71 gallons.

3:45 pm Highway Mobile Rest Stop. TOLL- $4.40 Maine Turnpike.

4:15 pm TOLL- $3.15 Last one! YES!

Spending the night at the Vacationland Inn, in Brewer, Maine. It's freezing and wind blowing but we had a great fried clam dinner at the restaurant next door. The Coach House or something like that. Jesse had shrimp. Now early bed time. No desk to use the pc. Can't update Twitter and Facebook but had a good day. Tomorrow Ellsworth, and we're done! Hope it goes well.

DECEMBER 18, 2,009

8:51 am Going to Bangor Federal Credit Union then Ellsworth! MILEAGE 045445.8.

9.06 am City of ELLSWORTH WOO HOO! MILEAGE- 045431.4 Gerald's sister Esther got some friends to help us unload the UHaul. There were 7 guys in all and it only took them an hour, where it took Gerald & Jesse 5 to load it!

DECEMBER 19, 2,009

Getting settled in ok. Jesse left after 2 pm the 18th after taking us to return the UHaul, then to lunch at Pat's Pizza. We'll miss him. We have a bedroom and a room opposite it for storage. Going to take some rearranging but we'll do just fine here!


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