An Open Letter Of Praise And Glorification
From God The Father
To Kevin And Bean, KROQ, Los Angeles, California
17-12-00 AJ

As we end or, prepare to end this epic journey I have to tell you that it could not have been accomplished without the power flowing through you from the people of Los Angeles! From the moment we left Bismarck until even now, the creatures of Darkness, for some reason prefer to fight early in the morning as we are preparing to depart the hardest. That is when my precious marines become the bullwark of our defense at close quarters. Everyone that can be mustered has been prepared along the way, and are replacing their weary brothers and sisters as we journey. But the constant flow of energy from the west has maintained us. The creatures of Darkness actually got through our layers of defense three times and had their minions in striking distance. But they were turned away at the last moment.
One almost came in physical contact of Demetrius, but when he became aware that Demetrius had full knowledge of who and what he was he made a very rapid retreat. They're not totally stupid! They're not going to take on a Lord Of Light at close quarters when he knows they're coming! If they can strike from ambush they might make an attempt. But they won't make a frontal assault. Demetrius banged his shin twice, loading the truck, slipping on the snow. But we got it done with the help of our beloved Elgard who is making the trip possible. He is serving as the representative of The People Of Asgard and will cross the border into Maine with us, bringing their power with us as well as my own. I wish I had more, I wish, as I approach Maine, a convoy of religious leaders of every denomination would be joining us and would escort us from the border to Brewer and then the next day from Brewer to Ellsworth. I wish there were crowds along the way crying "Hossanna! Hossanna! as we pass and we would be able to begin our work immediately instead of waiting to establish our own base of operations. But some time this today we will enter Maine and some time this afternoon we will reach Brewer.
The Holiest Of All seems to have sensed our arrival. For its center has moved to the south and is now resting over the motel we hope to reach in Brewer. Undoubtedly as I drive the vehicle to Ellsworth tomorrow, it will follow me, returning Its center to the graveyard where it is resting. I do not think it will follow me everywhere I go, but we will have to wait and see.
But wonders are happening! We'd just like them to happen a little faster. And none of it should be with so much pain. We still wish we had gone west. We would've had a much better chance there. At least what we're doing is a novelty because we have never tried to work with raw energy before, using it directly. But these are desperate times and desperate measures are called for. But some day history will note your part in all of this.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever
And Wants To Make His Earthly Residence In Ellsworth, Maine

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