An Open Letter From God The Father
To His Beloved Friends Kevin & Bean, KROQ, Los Angeles
21-12-00 AJ

As you can see we're back on line. Demetrius' beloved sister and her husband have been kind enough to let us use their phone lines as much as possible so we will have access to the internet. We must say this is one of the most miserable moves that Demetrius and Sarah have ever had to make! Though it has made available tremendous power and has seen the demise of one of Our worst enemies, a faker who has deceived the people for years into believing that he was one of my servants and doing my will. I don't think We have to name him, I'm quite sure everyone is quite aware of who I am speaking of. It may be some time before his false organization collapses. But without the serpent at its head it will not last long, unless by some miracle this individual's successor was to join Demetrius' efforts, and shake off his founder's false teachings.
I must tell you of one incident that occured on Our journey. We were approaching the bridge that crosses over into Maine and it was found that it was clogged with demons. They filled it from one end to the other in an attempt to cause some accident and keep us from passing. We were preparing an assault of Angelic Warriors and those helping Them to clear the way. A young marine approached me and said "God Our Father, may I speak?" and I answered "Most certainly, my son!" "I would appreciate it," the young marine continued, "Father Of Our Souls, that you permit me to lead the assault against this foul Darkness that opposes you." "I answered "If it is your desire you most certainly may! I am sure all gathered here to do battle will support you with all Their power. But aren't you a little young to take such a mission? Do you have the power?" The young man smiled and answered, "I'm a marine, sir, that died at Guadal Canal. I know how to give them hell!" I smiled, he saluted, I returned his salute and I went to join Demetrius and Sarah so I could personally drive the truck across the bridge. By the time We reached it the demons had been cleared away. The young marine stood at the entrance to the bridge and saluted as I passed, and all the spirits that lined it followed suit, American soldiers from every period of history, Islamic and Hindu warriors from every era, Havens, Hashons, and Peepians, all my children and all my friends cleared the way for me. It was a most glorious moment! It was virtually the end of the creatures of Darkness' efforts. Demetrius and Sarah spent the night at the motel where The Holiest Of All had centered Itself and in the morning proceeded on to Ellsworth with me driving the vehicle all the way until We finally stopped in his sister's dooryard.
There are still many problems to take care of. We must find a doctor so Demetrius can get his medication, and he injured both of his legs slipping and running into the metal bar that stuck out from the back of the truck, not once, but three times! This is slowing him down considerably and is going to take some time to heal, but he will need his glucophage so the healing will continue properly.
Everything that We have brought with Us has picked up a tremendous charge of energy and We are seeking some way to distribute it. I have come up with the idea of making cardboard crosses out of the boxes that We used to carry Our treasures, and sending them to people throughout the world, carrying my power and glory. I am having Sarah write "Believe" on each one to further empower them. The first boxes We are using are the ones that protected John Lennon's felt portrait that was supposed to go to the people of India, and which still should. We will be sending the first three to you to see how this system works with a little certificate of authenticity. These crosses can be framed with the certificate and will continue to bring power and good fortune to the possessor for untold ages, as long as they exist. As one of our main purposes of coming to Maine is to restore salvation, I thought this a good way to accomplish Our purpose, using Demetrius' body to produce items to carry my power around the world.
That power has already had benefits. Caylee Anthony is back! One of the good ladies here in Ellsworth, she does not want to be praised at this time, went into The Afterlife and contacted Michael Jackson, asked him to come with her. They went out into the Darkness and the lady called Caylee three times. She coalesed out of the Darkness. The lady took her hand and took her to John Lennon. Caylee immediately cried "Uncle John! It really hurts me to be here. Please take me back where I was safe!" John immediately called for a portal to the material world and took Caylee back to the place where they were protecting her. My power is being manifested, my glory is being done. We must make it grow!
There is so much here in Ellsworth that We could use. There is still the house for sale at 32 Church St. and another one even larger up the road. The old bus stop and diner at the foot of Main St. on the corner of Water St. is empty and for rent. This would also be a fantastic place for Us to set up operations. There is so much We could do if We could raise some funds. The cry could go out to the world that "Jesus is gone but His power is still here. Ask Mandela to take it! Ask him to rule The Kingdoms Of God!"
Michael still asks you to contact his son and daughter. He still wants them to be the chief Christian protectors. You do not know how overjoyed he would be if you helped Demetrius raise the funds so that they could be called to their mission. But you know the conditions that Michael wants for them to serve, what The Imperial Havens want from Demetrius. Remember, I am not against Their desires. They have served me well and deserve the reward they request. So if you will ask Michael's children to put a little pressure on Demetrius not to be so stubborn, I would appreciate it.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever And Wants To Make His Earthly Residence
In Ellsworth, Maine

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