To The Ellsworth American

Again sharing my email to Kevin & Bean with you to let you know that I am here and my power is already manifesting itself. You do not know how much I would enjoy using Demetrius' form to come to your office and personally present you with one of these crosses, a simple but powerful token of my appreciation. The crucifix that I am using to trace the crosses is one that was given to Demetrius when he bought the goddesses to be presented to the courier/ protectors. He saw it on the table and the woman working the sale simply put it in his bag when he told her he didn't have the funds for it. She remarked "I know who you are. I know what you're doing. This belonged to a true believer who would want you to use it." It is emensely powerful. It assisted in Us getting to Ellsworth and should be the bond that joins Us with those that believe here. I would like to present it but a minister needs to come forward and join our cause. Demetrius needs so much help if we are to succeed, and, we need acknowledgement. Perhaps if you were to tell the people that We are here and that Our work has begun, my glory is already showing itself. The first miracle has occured. A true servant of God would hear my call and turn away from the false teachings, rally to my servants, and help save all of mankind. Would it hurt to tell the world that a daughter of Ellsworth has helped save an innocent child from eternal destruction? Would that be such a horrible thing?

God The Father

To The Islamic Embassies

We have reached Our goal but not without considerable pain and frustration. But the kindness of family is helping Us reestablish the battle. I still wish to tell The Islamic People that they have an opportunity to be the most glorious in history. If they were to fund Our operations in Maine there is no telling what We could do, what We could accomplish, the power and glory that We could achieve. If I can combine the power of Christianity and the power of Islam We can do wonders! I am taking some of the scraps from making the crosses and drawing the star and crescent on them to send power to The Islamic People, very crude, very simple but will still carry my power and glory and send it to The People Of Islam as the crosses send it to those that follow Christianity. I ask each ambassador that receives this letter to send a small donation to Demetrius and ask for one of these little symbols, and it will glorify them to possess them just as it glorifies The Christians to possess one of the crosses because they are made with my own hand. Though it is Demetrius' body, it is I, God The Father, that is creating these items of power and that power will dwell in those items for untold ages bringing glorification to the families that possess them.
It is Our tradition never to ask anything without giving a reward in return. It is the sacred way. So I offer something in return, I offer to send you a simple item that carries my power and glory. Of course it would be better if you came and accepted them from my own hand. It would make them far more powerful. And you would be bringing witness to my servant that he is recognized by the people of God.
This is a simple token, a piece of cardboard with a simple symbol drawn on it, but that symbol will carry my power and glory to the stars and all men should seek to possess one. Be among the wise and possess them. And I will tell you those that will be the most glorified of all, those who bring the Islamic courier/protector to their Father and see that she is installed. There is a folding bed in the room where Demetrius and Sarah are storing their belongings. It can be quickly moved to their bedroom and set up and the courier/protector can begin her mission. For it is The Isamic Protector that should be witnessing the certificates being sent to The Islamic People. It would give them more power. It would give The Islamic People more power. Men laugh at simple tokens. They want silver and gold and precious stones. They think they are the symbols of great power, but they are empty and meaningless if they have not been touched by me first. All that I touch is glorified. All that I touch is made holy, and I am in Demetrius, and therefore all he touches is made glory. Possess what he touches! Have your children take it to the stars. Let The Islamic Protector be first. Let the glory of Islam be forever! Act before The Christians do. Show the superiority of your faith. Show that yours is the greater power. Win back Muhammed! Glorify your daughters! Let it be that a daughter of Islam destroyed the creatures of Darkness and brought hope unto the world when all hope was gone.

God The Father

To The Pastors In The Ellsworth Area

I wish so to form a coalition of all religious leaders in the area to help me lead the people out of the Darkness, away from the misteachings and back to the truth. Those men who had to love little boys drove Jesus away, and those that would not fulfill their promises and serve. But His power is still here. If We can give it to another salvation can be restored. Jesus' sacrifice will not be lost. A High Steward can rule Heaven in His name. I ask you to help me call that Steward. The Darkness can be defeated if We stand as one. I ask you to contact the minister described in this letter and ask him to accept my service, to help my servant. There are other projects We need to work on. But the greatest purpose that We have come here for is to restore salvation. We have been told that the descendants of white Europeans will never support a man of color becoming The Ruler Of Heaven. I want those that speak such evil to be proven wrong. Help me to do so.

God The Father

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