An Open Letter From God The Father
To The Media Of The World
22-12-00 AJ

Well, things are not going exactly the way We would like. Of course they never do. The creatures of Darkness throw every obstacle in our path that they can to disrupt Our work. Demetrius wasn't feeling too good yesterday morning. His foot was really bothering him. When he got into the shower he discovered his right foot was all discolored and swollen and he seemed to be running a touch of a fever so he had his brother-in -law take him to the emergency room, where they did x rays and fortunately found nothing was broken. Still a considerable bit of damage has been done. The doctor also believes Demetrius is showing signs of post concussion syndrome and there is only one place where he could've gotten that from, our happy little kicker. So, We weren't able to get as much done yesterday as We wanted to, and We didn't get Our test run out to the mailbox with Our little crosses. However, We did manage to make over 60, filling them with my power. Demetrius doesn't like to take pain killers because they ever so slightly dampen his powers. However, We have enough power now, I believe, that this doesn't matter so I have insisted that he use the pills the doctor prescribed. They help considerably! I want so much to attend Christmas services at an Ellsworth church, but I will not enter a church again, no matter how much power it is showing, unless I am invited. We made that mistake in Bismarck and We will not repeat a mistake. Somehow We will find a way of getting the people to accept Us, welcome Us, and support Us, though many will not want to accept that because those that were supposed to serve rejected Him, Jesus has abandoned mankind. And We must get someone to take His Throne so salvation will be restored, rule using Jesus' power, as His High Steward. We want Nelson Mandela. If We could raise the funds We would send Paris Jackson to negotiate with him, and perhaps get him to sign a tentative covenant until Sarah, The Mother Of Israel, who is now dwelling in the physical form of Speaker Linda Polley could go and give him my full power, as was done in days of old. Everything is in place! We just need the funds to do the work. The fakers are making millions, telling their lies that everything is beautiful and perfect, that everyone will have salvation, while they are destroying salvation. Some people say it is wrong to ask a young woman to go to work for me and to take such a difficult and dangerous mission the first thing. However, the need is that great! I would ask no one to do anything if the need was not great. Demetrius must recover from his injuries. The creatures of Darkness cannot win! So I am asking all the world to cry out to all the ministers in Ellsworth, Maine, and ask them to rally to me so that Jesus' glory can be restored, and though He is far, far, away His power may still save mankind. To do that We need to sell some of Demetrius' material. There are publishers in Maine, there are musical groups in Maine, Maine has all We need. I am reaching out to The Islamic People as well, not just Christianity, for We must work together. If We fail We lose the human race. I am one God. No matter what I am called, no matter what people perceive me as, I am the one that gave life to this world. I am its spiritual Ruler. Demetrius recognizes that fact and supports me, while others fail me. Therefore I want what he has provided to fund Our work, as he funded my work in days of old and led my people out of the Darkness. I want the people to support him. We have a battle song for this effort. I cannot understand why some Maine entertainer would not pay four or five thousand dollars for the right to record this song and distribute it. It's a very good song. That entertainer would make money and We would make money for Our efforts. I think it a very sound proposal. Surely there is some church group that would be willing to fund such an effort, and we could make some funds together. I would ask 10% of any profits over the purchase price. Would not it be glorious for some Maine entertainer to say in the future "Well, you know I was the one that started it all! I was the one that raised the first funds that saved the human race." I should think that would be a legacy that someone would want, a place in history that someone would want. There are many, many more songs, many stories all waiting to be shared with the people. The words of this song are true. The battle is raging! There is so much false teaching, people are happily being led into hell believing that they are following righteousness when the people leading them have no righteousness at all. Here's the link to the song. If you are the pastor of a church how would this sound being sung by your choir? And every word of it is true.

There is one church I would like to reach in particular because at this time it is the most powerful one in the Ellsworth area. I will not call it by name because the particular names of denominations don't mean much to me. They are a thing of man and not of me. But I will tell you where it is located, on High Street almost across from where Wal Mart used to be. Demetrius has quietly attended this church before and felt its power, and wishes so much it would join in Our efforts, that the people there would help Us restore salvation, save mankind. I, too, share this wish. I so wish the pastor of this church would come to Demetrius and say "We would be delighted if God The Father would attend our Christmas service using your physical form and bestow His blessings on us. We will provide you transportation to and from, and we ask that God use the power of this church to save His children." You do not know how much such an invitation would please me, how much hope it will give us. Some day, somehow We will begin to reach people and those who fell short will weep and cry saying "Why wasn't it me? Why didn't I hear? Why didn't I serve God? My place of glory has been taken from me!" Do not be counted among them!

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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