God The Father continues to reach out from Ellsworth, which He still hopes to establish as His earthly reasidence from which He will distribute His power throughout the world. He calls upon the clergy in the area to assist Him in these efforts. Maine won a great battle defeating homosexual marriage. But the fight is not over. The corruption is deep within society, and unless We can turn it around the human race will wither and die. We must forget Our differences and work as one.

Speaker Gerald A. Polley

This is what I have sent to Olympia Snowe this morning. I would appreciate it if the media of Maine makes sure that she received it.

God The Father

An Open Letter From God The Father
To United States Senator Olympia Snowe
23-12-00 AJ

Most Sincere Greetings To One Of My Most Illustrious Daughters!

I have been following the attempt by the Obama administration to federalize health care. I must tell you in all sincerity I am against the current program, and I wish it dumped completely. I am trying to raise The American People against it.
In 2,008 I had my good servant that I speak through, Speaker Gerald A. Polley, who was then residing in Bismarck, North Dakota, run for the presidency. As part of his campaign I asked him to put forth my health care proposal, which is a simple voucher system. There would be a section on the tax form which says "Do you need assistance to pay your health insurance premiums this year?" If the person checks that box and the IRS determines that they are at the income levels to receive assistance, a voucher would be sent to the individual with which they would be able to purchase health insurance from the provider they preferred. This system would not create a new beaurocracy. It would be very simple and use the existing health care providers, not creating a government program.
I am asking my servant, who is now residing in Ellsworth, Maine, which I am attempting to make my earthly residence, to run for the presidency again in 2,012, and again put forward my health care system. But this may be too late to stop Obama, so I am making a special request of you that you put forth my proposal giving my candidate credit for it. I am attempting to show the superiority of Our leadership before my candidate even officially begins his 2,012 campaign. We are working on many national and international issues. I sincerely ask your support.
My servant has many fiction and non fiction works with which he could fund most of Our efforts, and has produced a great deal of music, which I believe could fund much of Our work, such as the efforts to purchase land from Egypt and establish a Palestinian homeland outside of Israel. If you could encourage publishers in Maine to acquire some of my servant's manuscripts, you will be highly praised in my Kingdoms. If you could encourage the religious leaders in Maine to welcome me and join me in my efforts to defeat the homosexual movement, you will be glorified.
There is much that We need to do, but if We work together We can save mankind. I must tell you because of the last election, because my blessed Son Jesus was betrayed by men that want to love little boys, and those that were sent into the world to serve me, He has abandoned mankind. But He has left His power and salvation can be restored. I am trying to reach Nelson Mandela in Africa and have him become Jesus' High Steward, and restore salvation. This is a desperate struggle. If We do not succeed the human race will not survive. So I could use your assistance in reaching the people.
But most of all, at this moment, I would like to defeat Obama on the health care issue, and show the superiority of Our ideas. Your assistance in this would win Us a major battle and continue Our efforts to save mankind. So I definitely would praise your efforts if you stand with Us.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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