An Open Letter From God The Father
To The Media Of The World
24-12-00 AJ

With my letter to Olympia Snowe yesterday we didn't get a chance to state that Michael Jackson and the lady from Ellsworth, Maine did it again! The lady again asked Michael to follow her into the Darkness where she called the name of the recently departed evangelist that found himself quite unwanted in The Kingdoms Of God. He appeared as a small child who they immediately took to those that would care for him. As they were departing the child said to the lady "Would he be interested in one more son?" and the lady answered "Don't even think about it!" We have never seen such demonstrations of power! If We could only get the public working with it we are sure we could accomplish Our goals. But when people are able to do these things without even realizing they're doing them, We could definitely do more when people accept what they're doing. There's got to be some way of awakening the people!
I have literally given Demetrius blisters as he lets me use his body to create the cardboard crosses that I want to use to disperse my power. I so wish I had a church to hand some out on Christmas Day. So far We have about 180. We don't have nearly as many of the little Islamic symbols but there shouldn't be any demand for them for some time. By Christmas day we should have over 200 of the cardboard crosses. Like I say, I wish I had a church to distribute them at and begin Our work but We will not enter a church again under any circumstances without the people there having full knowledge that it is me using Demetrius' body, and the leader of that church welcoming us. On two occassions in Bismarck, North Dakota, We tried to begin relationships with churches that had phenomenal power, only to be rejected, and to have all the people in those churches removed from The Book Of Life because they rejected my messages. We cannot afford such losses in Ellsworth so We will have to keep Our distance unless we are invited. The people must ask me to enter in so I may bring my power and glory. Some people say I can go anywhere, which is basically true. But if I want to take my power and glory I have to be invited and welcomed. The power and glory has to be received or it can't flow. That's why an invitation is absolutely necesary. I can take my power and glory anywhere. If no one will receive it it's completely impotent, totally useless. It destroys rather than fortifies. And We don't want to destroy, we want to build! So, as Christmas comes, unless there is a true miracle and some church comes forward and says "God Our Father, let us empower You, let us help You save the human race!" I won't be going anywhere. But we'll be prepared if there's an opportunity!
Demetrius has got to go back to the doctor today and begin a local relationship. His poor leg! But no matter what he will serve me. Whatever the need is he will fulfill it, or, die trying! That's what makes him one of my most beloved. He doesn't care what people think, he doesn't care what people want. He only cares about what I want. If I only had hundreds of thousands like him We could do anything! But hopefully he's going to be enough to save my children, because if he can't, no one can! With a little help he can take them to the stars. Of course with totally false teachers like this Catholic priest in England that says it's perfectly acceptable for the poor to steal to fulfill their needs, We're going to have a very hard time. This is another example of someone telling the people what they want to hear. This creature of Darkness has forgotten my commandments. "Thou shalt not steal!" Rich or poor, feeble minded or brilliant, "Thou shalt not steal." With people like this in The Catholic Church it won't take Us long at all, to bring it down, it won't take Us any time at all!
I am so upset that Sarah, Speaker Linda J. Polley, won't be able to get John Lennon's Christmas Gift ready on time. As I explained it's Our tradition to pay John each year for the work he does me by putting one of Speaker Gerald Polley's stories online as John's Christmas gift to the world. John loves the stories and wants them shared with others. Unfortunately with all this insanity Sarah has not been able to finish typing the story and she still can't get to Go Daddy to upload things and fix the damage the hackers did. Until We can either get to someplace where she can get the high speed internet, or find out why Go Daddy hasn't set her password we're going to have a great deal of difficulty. But as soon as possible John's reward for his service will be made available to the people. We love traditions and don't like to break them!
On my email of the 21st I stated that I'm trying to make Ellsworth my earthly residence. But someone said "You're there! Your servant's there! Isn't it your earthly residence already?" Unfortunately not. Demetrius is staying with family that does not quite understand what I am. Actually there were remarks that I might be Satan. They are going to be quite upset when they find We are saying that Jesus has abandoned mankind. I cannot make Ellsworth my earthly residence until Demetrius and Sarah can have their own residence and set up their altar. Though We are able to do some incredible things, We are not yet fully functional and will not be until my servants have their own place. But We wil do what We can with the power available until such time as I can establish my own residence, of course the sooner the better!
I must salute the people of Yemen in their efforts against Al Quaida! If only The Islamic People would provide their courier/protector and fund the work by selling some of Demetrius' material. Then We would really be making progress! We would rock the world!

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever


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