An Open Letter From God The Father
To The Islamic Embassies In The United States
25-12-00 AJ

As I work to move my earthly residence to Ellsworth, Maine, I am finding phenomenal power here. If We could only tap into it! Again I must tell you what an opportunity it is for The Islamic People! At this time Demetrius is staying with his sister, who is a loving and caring grandmother. It would be very beneficial for an Islamic protector to arrive at this time, as Demetrius' sister could help her through the hurdles of establishing her power. We have only a few more months that We would be able to bond the Islamic protector as a daughter. She will soon be too old for this process to work, and We will lose her ability, which is very important to Us. We need her power to restore souls, to help those who have destroyed themselves. We would be hard pressed to find any kind of replacement. So the importance of the Islamic protector is unquestioned.
Demetrius is experimenting with making Islamic symbols and crosses from scraps in his sister's house and has found them to be quite powerful, not quite as good as those made from material that made the journey from North Dakota, but good, none the less, and would still help me transfer power. An Islamic protector would boost the power within these symbols and make them as good as the ones made from other material.
I must spread this power! I must disperse it throughout the world. We must use every means at Our disposal to do so. I again ask you to look through Demetrius' web sites. Be cautious! Some of them are still contaminated. But We have so much material there from years of work that I'm sure would be just as acceptable in Islamic countries as in Christian countries if We could get them to the people. There is more than enough here if We can get a sponsor to produce them in Islamic countries to raise the money to sponsor an Islamic protector. Demetrius would much rather pay her out of his own resources, out of his own efforts. The pride of his people sometimes is annoying, but it is understandable. They like to do things for others. They like to fund their own works. It has been their way for untold ages. All Demetrius needs to bring peace to the world and to get people to live in harmony with each other is a little support.
I want so for The Islamic People to be first! I know I have said this many times, but it is an important matter. I want The Christian People to see the power of those that truly believe, and who have not turned to lust, to the need to fulfill their every perverted desire sexually. You can win back your Prophet by sending a protector. Because if you send a protector I'm sure you'll do the other things that Muhammed wants. It will take him 3 1/2 months to receive the message that you have agreed, and then 3 1/2 months to return to Earth. I want so to start the clock ticking, to have Demetrius call the telepath on the ship that is waiting and tell him "Go! Bring Muhammed home!" The Christians have driven Jesus away, but you have begun to undo that that drove Muhammed away, and he has said he will return. Fulfill his wishes. Send a protector so he may be summoned home. Do not be like The Christians who have told their Lord "We will not serve You any longer! We do not want you any more. Our men want to make love to boys, our women want to make love to girls. We believe this is their right and if you will not let them we will not serve You!" This is what The Christians have told their Lord. This is what they have told their Glory. They have rejected Him. Muhammed asks you not to reject him, to glorify your daughters and make one a goddess, that she may take her people to the stars. I await your response. Be the great men that you can be! Possess the power that is yours to have! Be the envy of the false believers. Call Muhammed home! Send the protector so she may ask Demetrius "Please send the message I am here, I am now your daughter. Let us do God's glory! Bring The Prophet home!"
I would especially like to have the Islamic protector here now as the doctors here in Maine now believe he has post concussion syndrome. He is supposed to go for a brain scan the 28th and I would like to have as much power with him as possible. I cannot tell you of my anger with those who will not take their place! I gave The Pope a little expression of that when I showed him that my wrath can reach him anywhere, that there is no place and no time that my anger cannot be manifested. But the whole world should be taking care of The Father Of Fathers. He is currently the light of the world and should be treated with all dignity and respect, not kicked by an ignorant woman to relieve her frustrations because he doesn't agree with her lifestyle. Justice must be done in this matter! I wish so the Islamic embassies would provide a skilled attorney to push this case and see that my servant is justified, for he is a servant of God, no matter how much his people say he's not a prophet he is working for me and threfore should be protected by my children, no matter what sect they belong to, no matter what faith they claim.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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