To Kevin & Bean, KROQ, Los Angeles, CA
01-12-00 AJ

Received the inevitable question of rather or not situations like this ever test our faith. Never! We are friends of God. We know that those who worship the Darkness will do all in their power to curtail our efforts. If they did not we would know we're not doing our job! So things like this never test our faith at all. They only confirm it. We know how much evil hates our Work and wants to stop us. Therefore we work even harder serving God. When things like this happen we know they're frightened, afraid of what we're doing, and that drives us on. They think they've won, they think they've kept us from going to California, and thereby ended any chance of saving mankind. However, we've got a feeling they're very, very wrong! God cannot be defeated this easily, cannot be overcome so simply. We have suffered a setback, yes, but we are far from beaten. The creatures of Darkness will learn that, they always do! We're a pain in their butt and we love it!
One problem we're going to have in Ellsworth is getting the next part of Our History out that God wants us to publish. He wants us to skip ahead to the last two books that cover the rebellion in The Holy Godden Empire, and, Our arrival on Earth. My sister doesn't like us doing our religious work in her house because they are fundamentalists. It would be very difficult for me to explain to her that it was with her power that We defeated the homosexuals in the last election. But still we do not want to violate her wishes, and we're going to have to find some way around this little problem. Of course first thing, we gotta get back to Maine without triggering a war or something. Still wish we could find someone to sponsor a protector and send her. The best would be someone from Maine. Of course we could solve this problem by going west instead of East, but that would take finances and, a protector. We're so close! We're quite sure the creatures of Darkness caused this little effort because the last thing they want is for us to get the last two books of our History out, even online. They know sooner or later it's going to start awakening The Children, they're going to start finding it and passing it to others. Then when that happens the creatures of Darkness are doomed. You can understand why they don't like us!
We were unable to put up the last issue of our magazine. Our website is totally corrupted and we can't fix it. As fast as Linda clears out one section one she has already cleared out is recontaminated. Every time we log into the system more is contaminated. Linda wants to have Webroot scan our computer again, but I don't think that's right until we can pay them. They were kind enough to do it last time, but I think we're asking too much now. Having the site crippled is just another sign of the creatures of Darkness' efforts. We'd like to see if we could get to an uncontaminated computer, if Linda could correct some of the pages from there and see if the rest of the site would stay clean. Then we'd know for sure it's our computer. But these hackers are really going to enjoy hell, the short time they'll exist in it until they go poof! We will get them, there's no question of it, it's just when.
Here's a funny one. God wanted me to send a message to the McDonald's corporation through you, asking them to give us a $200 gift card from one of their restaurants here in Bismarck so we could eat on the way home. He thought where we had such a tremendous victory over them a short while ago, that they felt the sting of Our power they might be willing to cooperate. God was also wondering if they'd put some of my designs on glasses and sell them in their stores to raise funds for The Palestinian Project. He always has good ideas. If we could only make them work!
We've been asked how we're going to be protected as we travel east. Literally there is going to be a legion of Angels in front of us clearing the way of all demonic presences, and a legion behind us, plus that, local forces will rally all along the route to assist them. If the creatures of Darkness try to fight it's going to be a rolling battle across half The United States!
Wow! Is God clobbering The Catholics or what? First Ireland, and now the priest that led the genocide in Rawanda! The Vatican couldn't protect him any more and Interpol has taken him into custody. Even if The Church manages to get him acquitted all his dirty little deeds will be exposed during his trial, and will become public knowledge, even if he isn't punished. That's what God wants, for the people to know. When he wants something He usually gets it.
There's also more evidence that the creatures of Darkness are losing control of their minions. With the arrest of the general in The Phillipines who murdered the wife of the opposition leader, and the reporters with her, when she tried to register papers for her husbands campaign. That he thought himself so powerful, that he could get away with it, shows how weak the control of the creatures of Darkness is. We pray a conviction can be gotten in this case, and more corruption can be exposed. I guess my kids are doing a pretty good job.
And talk about something incredible, a lab in Europe is beginning to grow meat the same way We used to on our space ships! Humans should be nowhere near that technology. It really worries Us. But stuff We wrote about and shared with Our friends some years ago and they said was impossible, it could never happen, is happening! Is it hapenning, and it has Us worried.

That Annoying Spiritist Minister
That Is Always Telling You Crazy Things That Keep Coming True

Speaker Gerald A. Polley


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