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02-12-00 AJ

Had the greatest laugh as I was shedding some of our material yesterday. Came across a letter from Maine Yankee, the nuclear power plant in Maine that we struggled so long to shut down before it became a Three Mile Island. The guy was saying how cheap nuclear power is. Now, however, that plant is shut down and the state of Maine is responsible for maintaining its nuclear waste. Sometimes we hate to be proven right.
Somebody has asked "What if Osama Bin Laden was to say 'If Speaker Gerald Polley was to be in Pakistan in two days I would surrender to him, but I will surrender to no one else.' Would you go? If the state department said 'We'll send the marines to escort you,'?" Not a prayer! If we had two temporary courier/protectors we might be able to stabilize in two days. But we couldn't guarantee that. With a single we should take at least three or four to do it right. Hurrying it would be a very bad business. Even if I got total and complete cooperation from the government, we would not dare move in such a situation until we had a protector that we could depend on. It would simply be too dangerous. It would create too much havoc. Love to do it, but it would be impossible! There are some things you can't rush, you can't push, and what we do is one of them. There's no way we could hurry the processes. We want to stop the war over there, not make it worse!
Snowed here last night. No major blizzard, just a dusting, but still just going to make a more of a nuisance loading. Talking about pushing things. I have seriously been considering pushing our departure date up to the 6th, but God says no. I need more time to rest and recouperate and They need more time to prepare the road. If we were going west the 6th might work, but not east. Been studying the route. About the only place I'm worried about is the transition near Boston from 90 to 95, just a tiny bit confusing. However, we should do all right. Just want to get nowhere near Boston, or, New York unless, of course, the people of Boston asked God to drop by and visit on His way through and provide Him an escort so we wouldn't lose our way. Then we wouldn't mind a detour. Of course we'd need a protector to depart with us so by the time I reached Boston God could come through me. Now, that would be a good place to start the reenergizing of New England. Sure wouldn't make the homosexuals in that area happy because God would definitely be encouraging people to return to His perfection. I think God is still hoping We can pull off a miracle and some of those We are desperately trying to reach will respond and say "God, I am here, I am Your servant. Use me to win this battle. I will do whatever is asked of me. I will face any danger for you, for I am your child and love all Your children. Even if my friends and my family don't understand I will serve you." Just so hard for people to say that!
Got another question. People don't understand why it would be harder to raise the power to make Nelson Mandela The Lord Of Heaven in Maine instead of California. It is simply a matter of bloodlines. You see, We create power through bloodlines. We use different groups to generate different power. There are more people of African descent and visiting from Africa in California than in Maine. It would be far easier for Us to raise what We need there. It's that simple! We could do it in Maine, but We would have to draw upon the power generated from European descendants. To get their cooperation would simply be more difficult. It's a sad thing to say, but it is true. Mandela is a native soul, one of the most powerful on Earth, one of the oldest. A child of Earth, a native of Earth should sit on Jesus' Throne, should take His power and glory and rule The Kingdoms Of God. It was a mistake to have a Haven, no matter how popular He was, take this position. Humans need a human to sit in judgment over them. It is a simple matter. Everything is a simple matter. Jesus did a most excellent job! But He was rejected for perverted lust. Perhaps, if mankind is ruled by one of their own they will understand that what he is saying is the will of God, and not the ideals of an alien race. Shouldn't be a problem, however, We're getting the complaints.
That's why Michael Jackson's family is so powerful in this endeavor, why he brought his children into the world. He intended them to lead his people during The Awakening. Now they have a much more important purpose, to save the human race. If We could only make them aware of what is happening to them and, the position that they hold! If only the people of California would help us raise the funds to call them to God's service. We have plenty of opportunity, what I've already got online should be enough, but there's far more than that. While we were packing we finally found the end of the story I wrote especially for Dirk Benedict. We already have the female lead chosen. Unfortunately we haven't got it typed up yet. Wish Dirk would join us and have Linda read it to him, or, part of it, see if he'd be interested in it. Got some other roles he might like. Our profits would go to supporting us and doing God's work. How would Dirk feel if the story we wrote for him gave us the resources to make Nelson Mandela The Ruler Of Heaven and save the human race? How would Arnold feel if his story was the one, to know that you were responsible for saving the entire human race, every last man, woman and child? That every time you see a happy child smile you'd know that you were responsible, that it only had existence because of you, because you cared. Wouldn't that be one phenomenal feeling?

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