Mrs. Schwarzenegger
02-12-00 AJ

Below we have described a feeling we would like Dirk Benedict to have. But we'd also like to have you share it. Can you imagine what it would be like thousands of years from now as you watch over a world and a group of young girls comes into the temple, stops before your statue, and with the happiest of smiles say "Thank you, Maria! Thank you for being our goddess! Thank you for becoming our God. May you and our beloved Arnold watch over us forever! May nothing ever take you away from us, for you are our joy forever, the strength of our souls. Help us to be good wives, good mothers and accomplish anything else we want to accomplish because you have made us the equal of our brothers, not the slaves of men, but their devoted partners, their loving consorts. Thank you, Maria! Thank you for giving us life!" Now, I will tell you plainly, I will tell you directly what I am proposing what I am saying, is not that far fetched. If you were to join us there is little doubt that sometime in the future in some distant place some young women will enter a temple and utter that prayer. God wishes to glorify you, wishes to give you power and glory equal to His own. Those young women wish to exist, they wish to have flesh, they wish to carry the glory of the human race to the stars. They can't without you. What would've been them will wither and die here if you do not join us. Our chances of success are very slim without you. Those young women await, they await their goddess. They await the one that will make their world, that will give it life. God calls her, God will give her His power. All she has to do is take it. All she has to do is pick up a phone and say "Hold on! I'm coming! You're going west! You're coming to join us. God's will will be done! Those young women will get their bodies, they will have life, they will not be lost forever." That's all you have to do and those young women will exist. Nothing could keep it from happening. Some day they will lovingly make that prayer. It is God's will. It is God's promise, and God's promise should not be forsaken.

Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Greetings Mrs. Schwarzenegger!
03-12-00 AJ

You do not know how joyous God would be if we were to hear from you! He would still like us to turn west. If someone could be found to buy some of our material, He still believes that is possible. And we would have a much better chance of success in Los Angeles. You know so many people. Just a few words to some of them might fulfill all of God's desires. He still wishes you would go to Paris Jackson & her brother as God's messenger and tell them what He is offering them. Paris would have her own world in 100 years and her brother one in 1,000. This is in addition to the one you will have for the people of California. California is a power house! It has gone from the weakest place spiritually on Earth, to one of the most powerful, and it doesn't even have The Holiest Of All, which is really perplexing Us! We can't understand what is holding It over Ellsworth, Maine. But it shows no signs of leaving. The power there will be raw, unrefined. It is going to take Us some time to adjust it, time that is going to put the world in grave danger. But you have refined usable power that we could tap right into and use without difficulty. Los Angeles is far superior. If we had support there God would be unstoppable. Not that He doesn't seem to be already! We really need to spread some of it out. Now, if you could get Paris and Michael to join us in Maine, that would almost be as good as bringing us to Los Angeles, not quite, but almost. If We could only show the world that it is Us doing these things! With a little help We could.

Speaker Gerald A. Polley


Why So Hard To Move?

People ask "Why is it so difficult to move God's earthly residence? Isn't God supposed to be everywhere in everything?" Absolutely! But sometimes to do special jobs like have someone in the material realm transmit His power throughout the world God needs very special circumstances. What we had here, in Bismarck, was almost perfect. We were across the street from a Catholic school, tremendous energy source, a lot of those that truly believed. When I first started working at The Walrus there were a lot of women working there that had very good vibrations. There is a grammer school just a little ways behind us, another tremendous source of energy. Even the grocery store up the street, which was prefered by many of the elderly in the area was a source of energy, the state capitol and the governor's mansion were just around the corner. So when Jesus abandoned Us We were able to keep functioning. There was enough power for God to come through here and work with us to keep things going. We were just in incredible circumstances! But when the restaurant was sold more and more people with negative tendancies began to work there, when I was finally attacked physically and fired, the bond with God was broken, and the rest in the area was simply not enough to maintain it. It will take Us time to rebuild in Maine, but we will be living right under a portal that feeds energy into The Kingdoms Of God from the material world. You can't get a much better power source! However, that power is raw, unrefined, and it is gong to take some effort to tap into it. That's why it's hard to move God's earthly residence. It's hard to find just the perfect place. If We can get some people to join us in Maine, if we can build an organization there, we should be able to refine that power and use it to defend the human race. We just need a little bit of cooperation. Let us pray we will get it if mankind is to survive!

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