To Kevin & Bean, KROQ, Los Angeles CA
03-12-00 AJ

Had another one of those strange dreams about Ellsworth last night that couldn't come true. I dreamed my sister dropped me off at the end of Main Street and would be coming back to pick me up at the library that afternoon. I was wearing my dirty old coat that I used for work in North Dakota and was walking up Main St., when I got to the corner of New Franklin and saw a sign in the corner of the store there that said "Office space available upstairs." Being familiar with the building I went around to the side and up to the upstairs hallway. It was not the hallway that belonged to that building! It actually resembled a hallway of another building further down the street. I remember thinking that. I saw several for rent signs on the doors and was peeking in the windows when a thin, older man emerged from one of the offices. "Can I help you?" he asked. "Just curious," I answered, "how big these offices are. Are there any of them that are two rooms?" "The front ones," the man answered, "they also have their own toilets and sinks. One of them has a shower! The last owner used to live up here." "Really?" I asked, "How much would that one be?" The man smiled. "For you," he answered $250 a month. That's with heat and hot water. All you pay is the utilities. There's cable connections, by the way." "Can I look at it?" I asked. The man showed me the rooms. they were very large. "This would be perfect!" I remarked. "We could live in the smaller one, work in the bigger one. All we would need would be a little stove and refrigerator. I'll give you a down payment. That big sink in the mop room I can rig up to do our dishes and stuff. How much of a deposit?" "No deposit," the man answered, "just give me the first month's rent and that'll begin on the first. You can have the rest of the month to move in." I went to a phone, called my wife, and asked her to have somebody bring her up with the check book. We paid the rent and organized the move. As we were bringing stuff in I looked into the room that we would be living in. There in the corner was a little stove and refrigerator and some cupboards. In the mop room the big sink was gone and a two section kitchen sink had replaced it. I smiled and said to my wife "This place is going to be just fine! We'll be able to do God's work here just fine!" Aren't dreams wonderful things? As I say though, I know that building. There's nothing like it there. The layout is completely different. But it was the nicest dream! I think somebody was trying to make me feel better.
I've decided we're not going to be able to take the old desks. We can probably only save the newest one. They'll be going into the dumpster. Some other things will probably go that way, too. Just nothing we can do. Have to lighten the load, especially if by some miracle, they do give us a 10 ft. truck. I want to take as little time to load as possible. I did notice looking at Main St. there seemed to be a whole building empty further down towards what would be our bank. If we had a little money! I think that used to be an office supply place or something, I might be wrong. It still might be occupied. If it isn't that would be a perfect headquarters very close to the source of power. We can't do much until we get there. Sure wish that guy was real and so helpful! But he's probably somebody that owned the building years ago and is not the present owner. Getting social security early really helped!
God is extremely happy with His victory in New York. The creature of Darkness running that state has been denied homosexual marriage hopefully forever. I think the New York Senate looked at what happened in Maine and thought "We just don't want that kind of trouble here. The anti marriage forces just aren't going to cooperate. We don't want that kind of fight in New York!" so they showed common sense and voted down the legislation. Now if we could only get Massachusetts to repeal their law, then We would be really showing Our power! Gotta find out how you get a referendum going there. The parents are turning against the homosexuals more each day, as more and more of their filth is forced on their children. The power against the homosexuals is rising on both coasts. We just need to give it a little push!
God really disappointed that Merideth Baxter has declared she is a lesbian. If she had only kept it quiet she would've been able to enter into His Kingdoms. But now she is trying to poison young women and lead them into her filth by telling them what she does is acceptable, and God must put her out of His Kingdoms forever, for she has turned against His perfection. Hopefully if she repents this evil there will be alternate places that can take her in so she will have eternal life. But her decision to praise her sickness has ended her relationship with God The Father forever. Why can't they just keep it to themselves and not joyously tell the world? Why do they separate themselves from God forever?
Began a little bit of the cleaning this morning. Not going to be able to do all I'd like to do, just too lame. But we've never left a place dirty and we'll do our best. Would like to know where the dust is coming from that has started to coat everything for the last few months. We thought at first it was the paper shredder, but then I didn't use the paper shredder and the dust still came, and it has an oily, sooty nature. We don't seem to be getting any backdraft from the furnaces, so we're really curious as to where this is coming from. Oh, and would you believe it, all of a sudden the bathroom vent is working again! This thing is crazy! Hopefully it'll keep going until we can get out of here. But that thing is really a nuisance!
Oh, talk about modern stuff! Saw a laptop advertised that would give you access to the inernet anywhere with a little thing that plugs into it for $40 a month! As I say, to have a little money!

That Annoying Servant Of God
That Simply Won't Stop Telling You How Much He Loves You

Speaker Gerald A. Polley


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