To Kevin & Bean, KROQ, Los Angeles CA
04-12-00 AJ

This is probably the last email you'll be getting from us for a while. Phone and internet will be gone Monday. There might be a possibility that the internet will be on for a little while in the morning. If it is might be able to get a quick email out to you.
Finally got the age and religion discrimination suit filed through the state of North Dakota labor department. They automatically send it to the feds and they'll be processing it too. Simply cannot tolerate a young woman kicking someone and laughing about it. Such abuse is completely unacceptable! She put me through ten days of agony. I thought I was never going to be able to do anything again, and that must be answered for! I don't care if she was a "spirited young woman" or not, she has no right to get her pleasure by hurting others. It is completely unacceptable! That the restaurant owner approved of it has to be challenged, not just for my sake but for everyones'!
Bless the social security for getting the funds to our Maine account early! Now we should have enough to make the Mastercard payment for a couple of months. So wish we could get some more funds and get the whole damned thing paid off.
God still wishes we were going west. Leaving North Dakota in these circumstances is going to be devastating on God's power. But you know what it would take; a two million dollar no interest loan for twenty years, with our religious work being the interest payments, and some of our manuscripts as collateral, selling them to pay back the loan. If we could only find somebody to take that deal! We've got so much material! We've just got to find that niche.
The web site being corrupted at this time is another serious problem. We're working it out. But we were absolutely shocked yesterday to find out we didn't have a secure FTP connection with Go Daddy! We were never informed you had to do some special stuff to get it working. We thought it was just automatically secure. That little problem should be resolved.
Bless Elgard! He's really worried about us being on the road without being able to use our powers. So he's decided to make his Christmas visit to his mother in New York early and follow us up to Maine, making sure we get there safely, then dropping down to visit his mother. At least I will know that if something happens he will be able to get Linda to my sister and she will be taken care of. Still wish we could get a female courier/protector from Maine. It would make all the difference. As I say, it's really frustrating that the most powerful woman in Ellsworth is one of my adversaries. It's really frustrating the way these things work out sometimes!
It's cute, though. If we could get a female protector from Maine God would like WLBZ television in Bangor to send a video crew, record the trip, and make a documentary. We have a history. But probably all of the people I was involved with when we lived in Maine are no longer with the station, or, unaware of what we did. It seems like just yesterday, but so many years have gone by.
Asked The Ellsworth American if they would accept this ad if we could find a sponsor. "Speaker Linda Polley is returning to Ellsworth, Maine, where her and her husband lived for some time. She is the reincarnation of Sarah, The Mother Of Israel and is hoping to raise the power there to save her children, both the descendants of Israel and the Descendants of Ishmael. Any donations to assist in this effort would be gratefully appreciated. They can be sent to advertiser at this newspaper." Something like that. Didn't get a reply. But still wish we could get the ad. It would help trigger power. Wish so much that we could be greeted by a welcoming committee when we pull into Ellsworth. If we could find some manufacturers in Maine to produce some of our goods and sell them for the Palestinian Project we could get things rolling. Just so much to do and we're going to be crippled for months just trying to reestablish operations.
Still have to get the web site cleaned up. The Ellsworth newspaper hosts web sites. Would like to host the 2,012 presidential campaign there instead of Go Daddy. It would just give us that much more power. Maybe if we have a little success that would be a possibility. But we've gotta keep these damn hackers out! That's priority number one. They're killing the internet and it has to be stopped!
Still wish we could find an attorney in North Dakota to represent us, but simply can't afford one. Someone suggested we check into unemployment in Maine. Might be a possibility but we'd rather have other resources. Still hoping to get something from Workman's Comp here in North Dakota. Should receive the notice any time. Holding off changing our address until we do. I seriously doubt if we can get any help, but it would be nice, and it would also give my suit more credibility. Still wish we could've gotten criminal charges!
Well, got to get going! We'll miss pestering you but do not know what we would do without that continual flow of power from Los Angeles. The Earth would be dying right now if We hadn't had it, if We hadn't had what We used to have in North Dakota. But that's gone. God help Us if Los Angeles fades, if We lose that flow. There's no question it would be over, the human race would be doomed. Hope to continue to get a trickle from North Dakota but the brutality of the attack on me has really messed up the vibes.

That Annoying Spiritist Minister
That Won't Be Able To Pester You For Awhile

Speaker Gerald A. Polley


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