To North Dakota
04-12-00 AJ

It is with deepest sadness that we must send this last note to the media of North Dakota as God prepares to remove His glory from that state. Below is what we've sent to Kevin & Bean at KROQ in Los Angeles, and, Mrs. Schwarzenegger. Despite the unfortunateness of our departure, God still wants to salute the majority of North Dakotans who have empowered Him while He used our home as His earthly residence, and spread His power from there around the world. We have accomplished some great tasks. That an ignorant person who believes in cruelty has broken the link is tragic. That there are some around her that accept her brutality is disturbing. But those who poured out their power to us and enabled us to keep the human race alive will be appreciated forever and will be rewarded. The victories they helped us win were substantial. Without the power of North Dakota the earth would be dying right now. So what they have accomplished is substantial. If one part of the system had failed during those most crucial moments the human race would've been lost. So the people of North Dakota can be proud of the service that they have given God. We wish we could leave with the problem resolved, with a settlement made, so we could be taking much more power with us. But as the creatures of Darkness control those that have caused the situation, it will be a bitter battle for justification. But that battle will continue with every resource that we can muster! Brutality cannot be tolerated, it cannot be accepted. It cannot be excused in the name of humor. This battle must be fought for the sake of all. We salute those in North Dakota who are helping us fight.

Speaker Gerald A. Polley


Mrs. Schwarzenegger
04-12-00 AJ

Below is our last email to Kevin & Bean for a while, unless a miracle happens and we get some support. I do not know why, but God wanted me to make a special request of you that you assist us in getting a high quality attorney to represent us in North Dakota, and perhaps get a settlement from my former employer. He wants this not just for us, but for all elderly and religious people. He does not want such abuse to be acceptable, to be allowed, and would deeply appreciate your support in helping us in this struggle, and make sure that it is not. If an attorney in North Dakota knew someone of your prestige was supporting our effort and believed in Our cause on behalf of the elderly, it might make him push the issue. Young people cannot believe that others are their physical playthings, that they can physically abuse them for their sport and their entertainment. This must be fought! It must not be allowed to become acceptable, to be excused for any reason. God is in hopes that you will share this opinion and assist us.

Speaker Gerald A. Polley

( See Page 6 For Kevin & Bean at KROQ in Los Angeles )


Why We Must Try

We are often asked "How can people do so much without knowing it, sometimes even materially rejecting what they're doing?" This is something that has been asked for untold ages. Sometimes on the surface the people of a nation can totally reject God, reject His principles, and say that they do not follow Him. Yet the people within the boundaries of that nation still empower God's servants and spiritually fight God's battles until God's power is manifested in the material world and they join the battle physically, and the Darkness is overwhelmed. Why it is taking so long for it to occur this time shows the level of power the dark ones have achieved, the control they have established over the masses. The common people have been filled with greed and lust. They turn from God's perfection to every type of perversion. The creatures of Darkness keep them from joining the material battle to save mankind. This has happened sometimes before, but never to this extent! Everything in this generation is being amplified. True, We have had some extra terrestrial interference, but it should not have caused the situations we are seeing. We continually compare some of the things that are happening to the worship of Baal, the most degraded form of worship that ever spread among mankind, where every debauchery was considered sacred and men did unspeakable things. We cannot know, We may never know, exactly what is the cause of the current situation. We only know it must be reversed, it must be stopped or We will lose the human race. The common level of new souls dying each generation is about 25%. That is the amount that normally suffer the second death. It is estimated that if the current situations continue We may lose as much as 65% of this generation. The Circle Of Life cannot sustain such a loss. We must win back 40% of those souls! If not, the human race will perish. That is why We are putting forth so much effort, why God is doing such incredible things. Some blame Jesus for abandoning Us. That can never be done. Jesus gave His all, but those who were sent by God to assist Him walked away. They did not want to upset their friends and relations by speaking against the perversion. They wanted to let women love girls and men love little boys, be intimate with them, so they would be popular. They told God they would not serve Him, and Jesus said "Enough!" Those who would not serve must be replaced, they must be!

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