To The Islamic Embassies

You are the hope of the world! But that hope is passing.

God The Father

An Open Letter From God The Father
To Kevin & Bean, KROQ, Los Angeles, California
28-12-00 AJ

Almost lost one of Our oldest workers. He left the material world and when he found that he had failed in his mission it almost destroyed him. He had been put into a position to make the people of color in The United States aware of Demetrius and The Awakening, and would have been able to finance much of Demetrius' work. But because Demetrius did not support some of the issues he did he would not contact him. He preferred the praise of man and this almost destroyed him. Fortunately, Michael Jackson was able to pull him out of the Darkness and restore him. This would have been a terrible loss to Us, but what is worrying everyone is Michael may soon lose this power. He is working with the Islamic protector in Iraq and it is giving him this power. But she is passing beyond the age where she can bond with Demetrius as a daughter and become a goddess, and when that happens she will lose the bond with Michael, and Michael will no longer be able to do this work.
People cannot understand, with the success we have been having in Iran why We can't reach the people of Iraq and have them call forth their daughter, their goddess, their hope, the hope of all the world. But the media blocks Us out and won't let my message be heard. Everyone is trying desperately to find an alternative, but there simply is none. It would take three Islamic daughters to replace this one, and they would have to bond with Demetrius in a way that would be unacceptable in this age to achieve the same level of power. And the next one with this level of power will not be born for thirty years. That will be far too late. So We are in a very serious dilemma. I am asked constantly to reveal the young woman's name, but this might destroy her power. It might force her to accept, rather than have her accept of her own free will. It is far better for her power that the people rise up and call her, and ask her to serve. But unless We can reach the media in Iraq and make them aware of the treasure that they possess, we will fail.
These are the strangest times! Never have We had so much power and yet been so impotent. We are accomplishing wonders but cannot accomplish the wonders that We need. And Demetrius' physical condition is a constant worry. His leg is getting better but We really don't want this brain scan to find anything serious. He needs to be able to handle this raw power, and without more support it is going to be very difficult.
John Lennon is trying desperately to reach some of those that support him, that believe in his Apostleship and his new music, try to get it to the public. Others are trying as desperately to reach those that are needed. But We're running out of time. We have everything We need, We just can't bring it together. All your splendid efforts may be in vain, and that would be a tragedy. We need a small spark, a small victory that will light the bonfire and summon the warriors. But We do not know how to achieve it. We win battle after battle but We can't win the victory.
Sarah's power is growing. She needs to gain a little bit more confidence and gather a staff. But she could do the work. We can save the world, if We can reach the people.
Well, not much else today. Still wish We had been able to go west. Still would've been better. But We have to use what We have. I would still want to make my earthly residence here in Maine, to take advantage of The Holiest Of All being here.
Oh! Sarah managed to get up some of Demetrius' art work. Still having trouble with the FTP, but seems to have it licked now. Still would like to have access to high speed internet. Would make the work much easier.

Got to see if We can get ahold of Workman's Comp here in Maine and see if they can help. But keep the power flowing! We need it, the world needs it.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now And Forever
And Wishes To Make His Earthly Residence
In Ellsworth, Maine


To report on what's been going on, Workman's Comp in Maine wasn't able to help, and it looks like the discrimination suit isn't going to go through in North Dakota, that it's going to be dropped because we wouldn't go to mediation. The employer is still saying nothing was done. The girl was just playing, it's perfectly acceptable to kick someone. My response was too violent. She was only playing. And sadly this attitude seems to be accepted. Everyone that we are in contact with is simply appalled, they can't believe it. Others who, like myself, have worked in restaurants, can't understand how anything like this could happen. In most places I've worked the slightest bit of horseplay got you fired. It simply wasn't allowed! It's too dangerous. Yet these people seem to feel that it's perfectly acceptable. Sadly, sooner or later someone is going to be seriously hurt. The caseworker is saying that it's hard to prove what the people were doing was discrimination. Well, I don't know what else to call it! Still wish we could find a lawyer.

Speaker Gerald A. Polley

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