An Open Letter From God The Father
To His Beloved Helpers Kevin & Bean,
KROQ, Los Angeles, California
29-12-00 AJ

Well, I see The Iranians are at it again, trying to blame worldly governments for the people rising up against them. I wish you would make it clear to the world that I have told you repeatedly that I personally, am guiding the resistance and working to bring down the Iranian government. No earthly force could keep the resistance together. Only by my power do they continue to oppose this tyranny that threatens to destroy the world by falsely rising the people against Israel. I declare that this government will be brought down. It is only a matter of time. And it is very beneficial for those that stand with me against it and say "Enough!" This government is not being run by religious men, but hypocrites, those who are using hate to maintain power, and it will be very good for the world when the Iranian people put them out and join my efforts to take the human race to the stars. It is my power that The Iranians stand against, not some petty earthly force. And the world should know that!
I must support China in the execution of the British man caught smuggling drugs. The excuse that he was feeble minded is no excuse! Those who will sell poison to the innocent to achieve their own goals cannot be excused on the grounds they didn't realize what they were doing. Of course they realize what they were doing! They simply put their own desires first. The ludicrous notion that this man thought he was doing this so he could produce a song promoting world peace is laughable! Demetrius wants to produce a song promoting world peace. He would not sell poison to children in order to do so! If anyone was to even suggest it he would probably destroy them without a thought! There's no probably about it, he would! These are sad circumstances but The Chinese were justified, and in this particular situation they should not be critisized. This is just another symptom of the "Don't hold people responsible" mentality that is destroying the human race.
Now, I am asked to speak out sometimes on things that I wonder why I have to even be asked! There is the controversy rather animals should be fed antibiodicts to make them grow faster. Of course this is wrong and should be stopped! It is creating diseases that man can't fight, and anyone with any common sense would know better. But the greed of some for quick profit at any cost makes them close their eyes. Actually much of this meat that is produced in this manner is not wholesome anyway. And these antibiodicts are needed by people, many of whom are suffering because they cannot obtain them. Let's send them where they're needed, and not waste them on animals. I'm going to be very unpopular with the pork producers. But I'm unpopular with the pork producers anyway!
Still waiting for the results on Demetrius' CAT scan. Well, We guess his brain is still there! We were afraid We'd get a call saying "We hate to tell you this, but do you know your skull's empty?" A lot of people hold that opinion. We'll be glad to have it proven untrue. But it's still so hard to believe what one ignorant, uncaring person can do in the name of humor, in the name of having a little fun. Unless We succeed the legacy of the human race will be "Oh, a spirited young woman had to kick someone. She was only playing." Still wish We could find a lawyer.
Elgard's back safe in North Dakota, but how I wish We could get him to Maine! Could use his Kinsmen's power. Well, Demetrius will work on it. Maybe the right circumstances will present themselves. You never know! After all, We do believe in miracles! We do them every day, much to the creatures of Darkness' frustration!
Oh! If Bean ever considers coming up this way, We'd like to have him visit an old friend, one of the most remarkable people We have ever known, Robert Skoglund, The humble Farmer.

Will Rogers is one of his greatest admirers and just did some work for Us that was very important and wanted Us to mention humble again as payment. Have to pay Our debts! Can't be any question of that. If it's within Our power We have to do it. I think that's why I'm called God.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever
And Wants To Make His Earthly Residence Ellsworth, Maine
And If He Succeeds It's Really Going To Irritate Some People!


They Don't Know What They're Saying

Sometimes the things that we get in response to some emails are just ludicrous! The people sending them say they are Christians, but they obviously don't read The Bible, such as; "Oh, you're not of God! God would never tell people to rise against authority, to disobey the law." Haven't these people read The Prophets? Time and time again these men and some women that were ignored by the writers of Scripture, were sent by God to tell the people to disobey the rulers and to return to him, not to follow the evil they had fallen into. It's the basis of over 50% of The Bible! To say God would never tell people to rise against an evil government is simply ludicrous! We try to understand but sometimes it's really difficult, and we really wonder where people get these ideas! Even Jesus warned The Apostles not to follow the ways of the scribes and the pharisees, the religious and political leaders of the time, but to stay with the way of God. These people really ought to read The Bible before they critisize!

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