An Open Letter From God The Father
To His Beloved Friends Kevin & Bean At KROQ, Los Angeles, California
30-12-00 AJ

This morning I am disgusted, to say the least, that a creature of Darkness in Vermont has said that a birth mother must give her child to the creature of Darkness that led her into sodomistic acts. Lisa Miller of Va was lured into believing that she was a lesbian by a creature of Darkness that she joined into an unholy relationship with. During this period she had a child by artificial insemination. She has since realized that lesbianism is wrong, joined my way, and left the creature of Darkness that seduced her, taking her daughter away from the evil. Now an insane judge says she must give her daughter to the creature of Darkness so that she may have time with her and teach her her way of life. Such debauchery is beyond understanding! That creatures of Darkness can get into the courts and encourage such evil is beyond understanding.
It appears Lisa Miller has gone into hiding to protect her daughter from this foulness and people are saying I will disapprove of this, that I would say she should surrender her daughter and be fair to the woman she once considered her partner and let her share in the child's upbringing. Never! I wish there was some way we could get this innocent child out of the country and out of the clutches of these creatures of evil. As far as I'm concerned this filth that calls himself a judge should be removed from the bench and never allowed to hear a case again!
Only the male/female relationship is binding, only it is sacred. I encourage everyone to support Lisa Miller and to stand against this evil! If The Pope would listen to me instead of the Darkness in his heart, I would encourage him to get this young woman and her child to the vatican and keep her there doing my work until the child is of age and can resist this evil while legal battles continue to stop this insanity. Some say this would be wrong, that it would be breaking the law. But when a law is evil, when it is wrong, it should be broken. When a judge is a creature of Darkness and supporting debauchery in the name of fairness the people should resist. Deliberately putting a child into an abusive situation where she will be sodomized is completely unacceptable! I wish this young woman could reach some embassy if she could not reach the vatican that would take her in and perhaps give her immunity and allow her to get her child out of the country to a place where the insane do not rule the courts.
But I ask all religious leaders of every denomination to help shelter her and protect her child. This judge is not of me, he is of the foulness of man, and I will resist his evil. And I tell my children to resist it, no matter how unpopular that resistance is. I will protect my little ones! I will protect my treasure!
And my power is still flowing, as was proven in Colorado Christmas Eve. No matter how dark a place my power can still reach those in need. A mother and child can be brought back to life. There's some battles We enjoy winning!

He Who Dwells
In The Holiest Of All Now, And, Forever

And Wishes To Make His Earthly Residence Ellsworth, Maine


An Open Letter From God The Father
To The Ambassador Of Yemen

As I try to establish my earthly residence in Ellsworth, Maine, We are generating tremendous amounts of power. I have prepared some very simple talismans, pieces of cardboard on which the crescent and star have been drawn, the symbol of Islam. These are very powerful. They carry my glory. I wish very much to distribute them to the leaders of your country as they fight Al Quaida, to directly give them my power and glory. I would appreciate it very much if you would send some individual, preferably a young woman, to pick them up for the purpose of taking them to Yemen and distributing them to the governmental leaders. This would take my power and glory directly to the country and would challenge the creatures of Darkness there, directly. Of course if this young woman would serve as a temporary courier/protector for a week while I prepare more talismans, increasing my power by increasing the power of my servant so he may hunt and destroy evil in The Islamic World, this would be of tremendous benefit to me. This young woman could then take a report back to other Islamic women on what it is like to serve me, and, for a time, to be given my power. We have tremendous power to draw upon. We need to use it. We are driving the creatures of Darkness back, but victory is not yet assured. Only when my servant's powers are restored do We have a chance of ultimate victory, and only the Islamic protector now dwelling in Iraq has the power to fully restore them, and bring us eventual victory. If a daughter of Yemen leads the way and shows the treasure in Iraq that she will be honored doing my service, it will forever glorify the people of Yemen and win them a share of the reward. And perhaps a world in the stars of their own! The rewards I offer are great, the consequences of not serving me, terrible. I do not understand why some men prefer to defy me. I ask you not to be among them.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever,

And Seeks To Glorify The People Of Yemen


Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.
( Abraham Lincoln )

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