This spoof of the popular t.v. series was the second in the series and considered one of the best.
Bud & Lou are two luckless cowhands that wander into the herd and no cattle drive will ever be the same again!
Throughout the movie Lou's nemesis is a young bull that is constantly harassing him.


In this spoof on the t.v. series Bud & Lou play two prospectors who had known the owner when he came west, and, after striking it rich came for a visit to repay his kindness. They advertently get tricked into a beautiful woman's scheme to take over the ranch.
After a series of hilarious adventures the boys succeed in saving the ranch and endear themselves to the owners.


Bud & Lou play two sailors whose ship is wrecked in a hurricane. They end up on a Polynesian island where the men are very unfriendly. As a matter of fact, they want to relieve them of their heads, but the women are extremely friendly.
The boys are eventually rescued, but not before most of the women on the island had taken a turn protecting them. As they're sailing away one of their rescuers remarks, "I'll bet you guys are glad to be out of there!"
Lou looks kind of longingly at the dozens of women waving from the cliffs. "Not really," he mutters dreamily.



In a spoof of the popular television series Bud plays the dashing hero, Lou plays his bumbling sidekick, and also the stupid Sergeant.
Of course there is a fair maiden to be rescued; actually, two of them....a rich heiress and the peasant girl the commandant hires to impersonate her.
Bud plays a rather straight dashing hero, but it is Lou's antics that make this the best in this series of spoofs.
In the end of the movie the Commandant gets deposed, the Sergeant gets the heiress, the hero gets the peasant girl, and his servant gets to clean the stable.


In this spoof on the tv. series Bud & Lou play two dance hall performers who are befriended by the two traveling gamblers. An hilarious adventure ensues as they try to find a cousin who one of them gave a deed to a property that has suddenly become extremely valuable. Unfortunately, an outlaw gang is also after the deed. A chase ensues, which continues through almost the entire film, and switches from horseback to steamboat to railroad train to raging river, and back to horseback!
In the end the deed is safely delivered, and the day is saved, but not before the audience is rolling in the aisles!



This spoof of the popular t.v. series is the last in this series and one of the few films Bud & Lou play the bad guys.
The heroes are really put to the test in hot pursuit of two bumbling crooks who have stolen a formula that can, for an hour's time, make someone totally transparent. You can imagine the fun the boys have with this incredible ability. No one is safe!
In the end the persistent government agents recover the formula but in the last scene of the movie the last gallon is seen lifting off the table and floating out the door.
This movie was well received but not considered one of Bud & Lou's best in the Spirit Realm.


The long awaited sequel to the original "Mr. Pip's Rocket Ship," was made only after years of public clamor to bring Pip back. After the great success of the western parody movies, Pip was a refreshing change which the public ate up.
Though Bud appeared as one of Pip's friends many still consider it one of Lou's solo performances and almost as delightful as the original.



This parody of the popular movie trilogy was well received.
Bud & Lou play two zany alien professors. Bud is blue, and has orange hair. Lou has an owl's beak and eyes and is covered with feathers, nothing else.
They have discovered a device that nullified the evil Force and leaves enemy agents helpless. The famous Captain picks them up from a distant planet on the edge of the galaxy and with bounty hunters and enemy ships in hot pursuit hops from planet to planet trying to get them to the rebel base.
Of course the whacky professors don't help!
The travelers finally arrive at their destination and in an hilarious battle drive off the attacking enemy fleet.


In this hilarious film Lou plays a chubby little Pharaoh with a courage problem who is slipped a potion by an evil sorcerer, mummified, and put in a tomb. Bud plays the American museum curator who finds the tomb and accidentally, with a cleaning solvent, cologne, and room deodorizer brings the bumbling Tutiekamhan back to life.
Egypt has been taken over by the reincarnation of the evil sorcerer, who is raising a vast army to conquor the world. But during his long sleep Tutiekahman has been taught by all the other Pharaohs Egypt's ancient magic lore, and an hilarious series of magical encounters between the evil sorcerer and little Pharaoh ensue.
The climax comes when the little Pharaoh finds out his beloved Queen Nadatti has also been reborn, and is in the evil sorcerer's power. This finally raises his courage, and in a sorcerer's duel to the death, hilarious to the end he finally vanquishes the evil sorcerer, and sends him to his just reward, being hunted by crocodile poachers to become shoes and handbags!
In the end of the film the triumphant little Pharaoh stands atop the spinxh, his beloved at his side, with the crowds surrounding them, shouting "Tutie! Tutie! Tutie!"



Feeling their culture needs refinement and stability the Andrea Dorians send a delegation headed by their leaders to visit their friend on the galaxy's most logical world. This third in the series is considered the most hilarious of them all as the logical aliens try to deal with the pranksterous and non-logical Andrea Dorians. By some miracle both races survive.


Bud & Lou play two construction workers who are killed in a construction accident and brought back to life by a mad scientist intent on ruling the world with zombies. But they are the most hilarious zombies the world has ever seen!
They foul up everything the scientists tells them to do, until finally the police take him in hand and his laboratory blows up and burns.
"Well, that's the last we'll see of those two!" one police officer remarks. In the movie's last scene the back wall of the laboratory crumbles, and the two zombies walk off into the swamp, mischievous grins on their faces!

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