The super-intelligent Chipna, realizing he would be a danger to mankind, established a colony on Mars with the scientist Bud, and the six Glude females after he defeated their invasion fleet. All goes well with only occassional visits to Earth for material and supplies until eighteen years later, when the first of their children- 18 daughters (Glude women always have triplets) come of age, and decide they need husbands.
Several trips to Earth ensue in which the clever Chipna must use every bit of his intlligence to find suitable candidates, and see that they survive, for the daughters have been taught Glude tradition and can marry no man who cannot defeat them in battle.
Many an Earthman is put to the test, but in the end all are carried off to the colony where the new members and their happy wives are kept busy building.
"Why so much room?" asks the bewildered Bud. Lou takes him out into the playground and shows him the hundreds of happy, playing children of varying ages. The movie fades with a wide-eyed, open-mouthed expression on Bud's face.


Bud & Lou play two out-of work actors who take a job in the tourist attraction of Colonial Fredricksburg, and go to work in the print shop. As Lou works, a chubby little man in colonial dress comes up and begins to tell him to make changes in the newspaper, to keep up with current events.
At first the manager does not like the changes, but the customers think they're so witty that he allows Lou to keep doing it. No one knows it is the ghost of Benjamin Franklin who is actually writing the copy!
Lou figures it out, but of course no one believes him. Soon, newspapers all over the country pick up the stories, and there is a political up-roar. One crooked politician sues, and an hilarious court battle ensues in which Lou defends himself with the help of old Ben and several other of his old friends.
The little printer wins the day, and becomes a national celebrity. This is pure, loveable, old-fashioned A & C!



Seeking the roots of their ancestry, the Andrea Dorians decide to visit Earth. Now the famous Admiral greets them, and within days Earth is in total political upheaval, as the blundering Andrea Dorians seem to offend everyone they come in contact with. It is only the Admiral's diplomatic skill that gets the visitors safely back to their ships and keeps Earth from being plunged into civil war.


In this sequel the magical little Pharaoh is brought back. Egypt is in termoil after the destruction of the evil sorcerer. Little Tutiekahman wants to take his beloved, and using the ancient magic of the pharaoh go to a place where they can live out their days in peace. But the cry of the people for help makes him stay. And in an hilarious series of adventures against Muslim fundamentalists, terrorists, corrupt politicians, billionaire American industrialists, the CIA & KGB, the little pharaoh finaly becomes president of Egypt and makes life good for his people.
At the end of the movie he is standing on a balcony with his beloved, and all the Pharaohs of the past are looking down on him. The little Tutiekahman looks up and cries "You guys thought YOU had it bad!"
All the pharaohs smile. Beams of light come down from them and make the little Tutiekahman shine like a star on the balcony, and the crowd roars.


Another long-delayed sequal brought about by public demand. This Pip was admittedly hurriedly done- a rare 3rd of the year production, but the part is still played to perfection, and it is a fitting climax to this series of more or less solo performances.



One of the most popular rock & roll groups in The Spirit World is Bach, Beethoven & Brahms Plus One. And when these popular singers get together with Spirit's most popular comedians, something HAS to be hilarious! And that is just what happens.
Bud & Lou are two aspiring talent agents, who, travelling through the midwest, meet the boys and bring them to Hollywood. After several hilarious failures they get the boys their first national break, and they take off!
Seeing the boys' potential, a big talent agency moves in, and offers the boys the best of everything. Bud & Lou go off rejected, but the next day find the boys rehersing in their old loft.
"Come on, you two!" the leader of the band cries, "Get to work! We need a gig tonight!"
Hugs are exchanged all around, and the happy duo fade out as they head for their office.


Bud & Lou again play the two loveable zombies who are living in an abandoned shack on the outskirts of a small village on the edge of a swamp. They are befriended by several of the village children and help them on several mischievous adventures.
Then, a group of tough, mean drug dealers take over the village to bring in their drugs. One evening the drug dealers are watching an "A Team" movie. The Zombies watch through the window then look at each other with a mischievous grin and go to work.
The next morning as the drug dealers roll out to pick up their latest shipment, an hilarious battle begins between man and zombie. Trucks break in half, wheels fly off. Catapults fire a barrage of garbage cans. Skunks are tossed in camper windows. An old crop dusting plane apears in the sky and drops a load of rotten watermelons. The drug dealers have had enough! They flee in terror.
In the movie's final scene Bud and Lou's cabin has been fixed up. There are flowers planted in the yard. In new clothes they sit rocking on the porch as the neighbors drive by and wave!



In this last of the old popular science fiction series, the Captain is rushed to the planet Andrea Doria to stop war between The Andria Dorians and the Rockna who have offended The Andrea Dorians by saying Abbott & Costello aren't funny. It takes all of the Captain's diplomatic skill to keep the two parties from annihilating each other in this comedy of errors that is pure Abbott & Costello, and is the perfect conclusion to this beloved series.


Bud & Lou play the not too skillful owners and operators of a barbershop in a southern city. The only thing that keeps the customers coming in is the barbershop quartet they form with their two employees.
A rival, however, steals the employees away, and the boys must hire two girl graduates from a nearby barber college. The girls prove to be both excellent barbers, and, singers. The group wins the state championships and goes on to the nationals, where their rival again, for more reasons than one, tries to steal away their employees. But it seems the boys have more to offer than employment.
In desperation the rival has the girls kidnapped but an hilarious rescue takes place, and the four win the championship. The movie ends with a barbershop wedding.



In this hilarious space adventure the fleeing colonists led by the great space battleship and the intrepid Commander, run into a world being attacked by their enemy. The world is being defended by metallic globes that shoot beams of energy around the enemy, but the globes are steadily being destroyed. So the Commander sends a squadron of fighters to the rescue.
As the fleet nears, they find that the world is virtually deserted, except for two defenders, Bud & Lou, who tell the Commander that their own people, the Itons, had fled and they had volunteered to stay behind and man the defenses to give their people time to escape.
They invite the colonists to help themselves to whatever their people left behind. The colonists do so.
Bud & Lou load the spheres' control equipment on a rickety old spaceship and join the Armada. A series of hilarious adventures ensue, until in a desperate attempt to save the Fleet, the two happy-go-lucky Itons use their own spaceship and the globes to lead an attacking enemy fleet away, so the desperate Colonials can refuel.


Lou & Bud are Chicago grocery store clerks in the 1920s. When Lou inherits a Southern estate from a cousin he didn't even know, he goes south with his good buddy Bud tagging along to advise him. As they arrive Lou saves a fox from a pack of hounds and the fox is extremely grateful!
Lou meets the rest of his relatives who seem very friendly, but in reality plan to kill him off so they can get the estate.
An hilarious series of attempts ensue, but the wily fox outwits his human adversaries again and again, until the local sheriff finally puts the cuffs on the nuisance relatives and takes them away. This is pure Abbott & Costello at its hilarious best.

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