The battlestar fighter pilot is caught by an enemy patrol far from the fleet, and though he shoots down the enemy, he is badly damaged and must land on a desolate world. He is trying to make repairs when a small flyer appears and the two Itons, Bud & Lou, hop out. They are really the last people the pilot wants to meet, after his last encounter with them, but he accepts their offer to move his ship to their hideaway. There, to the pilot's delight, he finds a dozen beautiful women the little Itons have rescued from somewhere. But their ship also is disabled, and the only way any of them can escape is by repairing one of the enemy ships, raid an enemy base, and steal the parts they need. They do so by disguising themselves as the enemy, and it is the whackiest raid imaginable!
They get away with an enemy ship, repair their own vessels, and after a whacky chase make it back to the fleet, where they are welcomed.


In this hilarious olympic flick Bud plays the champion American amature boxer off to the 1936 Olympics, and Lou is his sparring partner/ring attendant. The Nazis play a dirty trick and Bud breaks his hand. There is no time to replace him. The only one left to represent The United States is Lou.
A series of hilarious boxing matches ensue, concluding with Lou's outrageous final bout with Iron Man Goering.
Of course the chubby little boxer wins, but the sport of boxing will never be the same again!



In a return to one of their simpler themes the boys play two coast guard recruits on their first assignment, which they foul up royally, mistaking a millionaire's yacht for the boat of a notorious drug dealer. They bring the millionaire in, his boat in tow, and are nearly court martialed and reassigned to beach sanitary patrol, cleaning up sewerage spills.
The boys are determined to redeem themselves, and in a whacky series of adventures end up capturing the drug dealers after all, and rescuing the same millionaire's daughters who have mistakenly got involved with the handsome but ruthless drug dealer.
This is Abbott & Costello at its zany gut-busting best. It is fortunate, one critic comments, that they don't make a lot of movies like this. The public couldn't survive!


In the last of the Chipna series Lou again plays the computer chip enhanced genious and Bud plays his whacky mad scientist creator.
In this adventure one of Chipna's son-in-laws on a supply mission to Earth, runs into an old friend and brings him back to the moon, not knowing he is a CIA agent. Though everyone tries to convince him that Chipna & his growing family are no threat to Earth, he considers them a grave danger, steals one of Chipna's little space ships, and escapes to Earth. Soon the entire planet is in an uproar. Earth's governments begin to make thousands of copies of the stolen spaceship and arm them.
Chipna's Gludian wives are all for standing and fighting and he knows they'd probably win. But he decides, instead, to escape.
As the Earth fleet approaches beams of light come out of six mountains on the moon and cuts them free. The mountains rise skyward, fleeing into space.
Unbeknownst to Chipna, one of his wives has called her father and the Gludian fleet arrives to defend their grandchildren, and the human fleet pursues to keep their people from being kidnapped. An hilarious peace conference ensues, but in the end Chipna's wives convince their parents that their husband is a good warrior and perfectly capable of defending them in his own way. And his daughter's husbands convince the representatives of their various races that they're going of their own free will.
The repentant humans beg Chipna and his family to return, but in his infinite wisdom the little computer brain knows that it would be far too dangrous for him to stay around. So as the two fleets go home, Chipna and his happy little group head off to find their own place among the stars.
This is a happy conclusion to this beloved series, and though the public has clamoured for more Chipna, the comedy team has not yet obliged.



This is just good Abbott & Costello. They play two whacky aliens whose flying saucer goes awry causing them to land on Earth in the 1960s, in an hilarious search for repair parts. Their computer, Whizbot, analyzes the native technology and designs the parts they need.
Of course along the way the space men get involved with two beautiful Earth girls, who help them survive in Earth's messed up culture.
At the end of the movie the boys take off, leaving their lovely Earth helpmates behind. The girls are turning away when the flying saucer returns, the bottom opens up, and two pairs of hands extend down. One of the girls looks to her companion and says "What to heck! Their world can't be any worse than ours!" reaches up, and is lifted into the ship. The other girl smiles, shrugs, grabs the other pair of hands, and disappears into the ship. As the saucer again zooms starward, a familiar voice is heard cryng, "Mama gonna be mad! I've been a baaaaad boy!"


Bud & Lou play two aged marine corps sergeants in a nursing home, bragging to the rest of the residents about their adventures in the marine corps. As they tell their stories, flashbacks show the REAL hilariousness of their adventures they have with their fun-loving buddies.
At the end of the movie they both pass away the same night. As they awake in the morning they find their marine corps uniforms by their beds. They walk bewilderdly through the empty nursing home's corridors. As they approach the main doors they swing open. Outside on a long and ascending staircase they see marines of different eras holding many different flags with ribbons of honor billowing from them.
A young marine approaches them, saluting. "Sirs!" he snaps, "Supreme Commander, All Divisions, requests you report for honors, SIRS!"
The Marine Corps Anthem starts to play, and the two old men look at each other but they're not old anymore. They smile at each other, come to attention, and as the anthem plays on, briskly mount the stairs.



In this first encounter of the new sci-fi t.v. series crew with the Andrea Dorians, a huge empty space ship shows up in Earth orbit. After an investigation reveals it belongs to the Andrea Dorians, the famous starship is sent to investigate. On arrival the mischievous Immortal appears, to explain he had only been having a little fun with the Andrea Dorians, and in a bit of misunderstanding they had built a transmitter that violated his peoples' Continuum. Now they were broadcasting Abbott & Costello movies into it without let up. The whole Continuum was becoming unstable.
The Captain finally gets the Andrea Dorians to turn off the transmitter. The starship stays for a while longer, having some more adventures with the whacky Andrea Dorians.


Abbott & Costello play the zany theatrical agents representing Bach, Beethoven & Brahms Plus One. They are approached by the famous Duck, to do a world tour with his girlfriend's group. After some coaxing from the persuasive Duck the boys agree, and the tour begins.
Unknown to any of the participants three pieces of the Dark One survive, and have grown into human form; two handsome men and a vexuous woman who share one intelligence, and, who are determined to have revenge on the Duck, who they call "That Creature."
An hilarious around the world pursuit ensues with the three evil ones trying all kinds of schemes to get the Duck and his companions, who always manage to outwit their plots.



The second of the new serie's movies is not your average Abbott & Costello because it has a couple of quite serious moments, but it was well received by both the public and critics.
A vessel spots a cube heading for Andrea Doria. The starship and several other vessels are dispatched to investigate.
When they arrive they find several dozen ships orbiting Andrea Doria. They prove to be empty.
The landing parties find the enemy on Andrea Doria, eating and drinking with the natives, and having a high old good time!
The starship people are totally perplexed. It is their android that solves the mystery by plugging into the enemy joint consciousness.
The enemy had finally encountered a race they cannot absorb. The first Andrea Dorians they processed infected them with their humor, to which the enemy had little or no mental defense. Every enemy ship within range of their subspace network become infected and proceeded to Andrea Doria.
The android makes another discovery, however, which alarms the Captain. the first enemy ships to arrive are beginning to decay from within. The enemy are losing their subspace contact with each other. If the situation isn't quickly dealt with, all the enemy that have been infected will die! The Captain must decide quickly rather or not to try to save the race that once enslaved him.
His decision comes quickly. He goes to the Andrea Dorians' leader and explains that in order for the enemy to survive his people must stop all their comedy for twenty-four hours, think serious thoughts, give the enemy time to return to their ships, clear their programming, and escape.
At first the happy little leader can't understand. How could their joyous way of life be dangerous to anybody? But the counselor convinces him. He goes on the video screens, explains to his people, then shuts down all entertainment channels, closes all entertainment centers. Everyone returns to their homes.
Anxious hours go by as the enemy still happily wander the empty strreets. Then, slowly, a few at a time, they return to their ships and one after another, leave. When the last ship is safely on the edge of the system, Andrea Doria sparks back to joyous comedic life!


In this picture Bud & Lou play two aspiring amture Shakesperian actors, who, to keep body and Soul together, must work in a bakery during the day.
This film contains one of the most hilarious scenes of MacBeth ever made as Lou plays the tragic prince.
This is pure Abbott & Costello, loved by both the critics and the public, and it is one of the few scripts that Lou wrote himself!
The villian of the movie is Arthur Goodfellow, who is nothing of the sort, and does everything in his power to keep the two actors from getting the parts he wants. Shakespeare will never be the same again!

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