Lou plays the ancient God Of Mirth, Pan, who was sent on a mission by Zeus and was caught in a time eddy that caused him to return to Earth in the present day. He does not like what he finds, and absolute hilarity ensues, as the fun-loving god tries to straighten out the world problems in his own hilarious ways.
Bud plays the President Of The United States who is particularly irritated by Pan's interference in world affairs.
In the end the fun-loving god is convinced it's best to simply let mankind follow their own course, and he retires to Mt. Olympus with a considerable following.
One of the President's aids mutters, "Well, that's the end of that!"
"Don't count on it!" the President answers, "Don't count on it!"
Not great Abbott & Costello, but good!

2. OH, MY GOD!

Lou is God! Jack Benny is Gabriel!
God has decided that it is time to bring the world to an end. He comes down to Earth with Gabriel and presents Himself to Bud, a world famous t.v. evangelist, and tells him that He's going to end the world in seven days and to prepare the faithful. Bud immediately begins to try to convince God that mankind is worth saving, and an hilarious set of adventures ensue. God finally renigs and decides to give mankind one more century to straighten out their act.
The film was not well received by the critics, but the public have adored it. Very good Abbott & Costello!



This is simply pure Abbott & Costello at its very best! Abbott is the local truant officer, Lou is his friend, the cop on the beat, and the famous gang of little kids are their usual mischievous best.
Some neighboorhood bullies and their obnoxious parents are thrown in to make things interesting, but the children and the comic duo working against each other make the film. It is just pure slapstick hilariousness that was adored by all who saw it!


Lou plays Indestructable Man, or, Indo, to his friends. He has only one super power- he can't be hurt. No weapon or force is effective against him. He's slow, clumsy, and not too bright.
Bud plays Unibrain, Brainy to Lou. He has the power to join all minds in his vacinity so that they work as one, enabling them to accomplish incredible mental tasks.
These two bumbling super heroes are hired by The Keepers Of The Galaxy (these guys aren't too bright!) to guard the crystal of unity that keeps everything in the universe in harmony.
The evil lord and his cronies, hoping to throw the universe into total chaos and then come in and take over, steal the crystal. Of course when all the other evil doers in the vacinity find out they come after it, too!
To retrieve the crystal Bud & Lou seek the assistance of The Power Teens, and comic chaos ensues. It's absolutely GREAT Abbott & Costello. Really too bad you have to die before you can see it.



Abbott is a charter pilot who is flying his passenger, Lou, from Miami to The Bahamas, when their plane runs into a strange phenomena and they find themselves on another world halfway across the galaxy!
They meet several other parties that were caught in the ancient transport beam and whisked there, too, and have several zany adventures until they finally manage to return home. Excellent Abbott & Costello!


This is an Abbott & Costello blockbuster starring not only the comic duo, but most of the famous laugh makers residing in the Spirit Realm. The cast includes Mae West, W.C. Fields, The Three Stooges, The Marx Brothers, Laurel & Hardy and on their first appearance in The Spirit Realm, George Burns & Gracie Allan!
Two federal agents are sent to investigate the circus of Madame LaBonza (Mae West) because strange phenomena is occuring whenever the circus performs. First there will be a flurry of UFO activity during the circus's appearance, and then a few days after the circus has left, people that attended who are bad natured will have strange screaming attacks, and then their personality will totally change. They will become kind and considerate and begin to do beneficial things for their communities. Crooked politicians will become honest. The government fears the whole political system may become disturbed.
The government agents resemble two individuals currently appearing in a very popular science fiction t.v. series which we don't think we need to name!
The hilarious antics that the circus performers put them through we leave to your imagination!


This Abbott & Costello movie unfortunately has not yet been released in the Spirit Realm. It was just being completed when the tragedy that has struck there began to unfold, and all entertainment facilities were shut down to save energy. Hopefully this situation can soon be resolved, The Spirit World stabilized, the theaters reopened, so The Screamin' Mimis can be shown.

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