After a long hiatus with the entertainment facilities shut down in The Afterlife to save energy, theaters were once again reopened in June of this year, and this film was finally shown, much to delight of all Abbott & Costello fans.


Bud & Lou play two bumbling CIA agents who can never quite get anything right! But Lou and the CIA director's daughter fall in love, and when the situation in Afghanistan arrives the director sees a way of getting rid of his possible future son-in-law! He sends Lou & Bud to be the contacts with the resistance leader, Prince Shashi, played by Rudolph Valentino. Many adventures take place. Firstly, as they parachute into the Prince's camp they literally land on a group of assassins from Al-Quaida sent to kill him! As Lou struggles to get out of his parachute he knocks the vicious assassins unconscious as they try to attack him. It is pure clumsiness but the onlooking rebels think it is an incredible demonstration of martial arts skills and Lou is immediately a hero! The two bumbling agents instruct the leader to do everything wrong. But what they do is so unorthodox that they drive the terrorist leader crazy trying to defeat them! In one scene when the terrorists are attacking, the rebel leader orders a withdrawal. Lou, trying to mount his horse called "God's Terror," accidentally grabs the fighter's scimitar. The horse takes off on its own with Lou screaming it's Arabic name and commanding it to stop. As the sword flails wildly it strikes the attacking terrorists, sending them flying. The rebels think Lou is making an heroic charge into the enemy and calling on God for them to follow. They join the attack and win the battle! These are just a few of the side splitting scenes! Pure Abbott & Costello! As an added treat, this movie also includes a theme song by George Harrison, formerly of The Beatles.


Bud and Lou play two bumbling soldiers in The Afghan Army when The Americans invade.  They are quickly captured and become cooks for an American unit because they find they are totally harmless.  One of the most hilarious scenes of the movie is when the American commander asks Lou exactly what it is that The Talibanned believe in.  Lou explains that they figure if you ban everything, don't let anybody do anything, you can't be doing anything wrong!  So that's what their leader did, he banned everything, and figured that that would give them perfection.  The American commander listens, then remarks to one of his men, "You know what's really scary?  When he explains it it makes sense!"  The soldier only nods, as Bud & Lou continue fixing the evening meal.  The two have more rollicking adventures with their American friends as they try to convince their former comrades to surrender, that the Americans aren't that bad after all.  It's just good old basic sit down and laugh your socks off Abbott & Costello!  How these guys can make stuff like this funny I'll never understand!  But these guys can make anything funny!  And "In The Tallibanned is hilarious!



The bumbling CIA agents return as The United States gets ready to invade Iraq and get rid of Hussein.  Word reaches them that an Iraqi scientist is working on a new type of gas that will incapacitate any army.  Bud & Lou are sent to eliminate the threat.  Unfortunately the Iraqi scientist working on the project is a voluptuous woman who Bud immediately falls in love with!  The gas turns out to be a super aphrodisiac that puts anybody that comes in contact with it into uncontrolled passion.  Lou & Bud convince the scientist that it would be far better for her to leave Iraq and continue her research elsewhere, much better than what The CIA wanted them to do with her.  She begins to have feelings for Bud, and in an hilarious series of misadventures they get her out of Iraq to England where she puts her gas into a pill form and sells it to a pharmaceutical company which calls it Viagra.


The young wizard is sent by the head of the school of wizardry to find out why these wizards weren't contacting them, and finds out they've done some kind of spell and are stuck in limbo, and so is anybody else that comes to visit them! And Harry has to figure out how to get everybody out.



The young wizard gets a message from the wayward wizards again, delivered by an owl flying backwards.  He finds that they have been cursed by a witch and all their magic is going awry.  Again he must straighten everything out. And in a final confrontation deal with the witch.


The two zany scientists with the transdimensional portal return again with their zany crime fighting friends from another dimension. You can imagine all havoc breaks loose as they try to find the material to defeat an evil demon that has invaded the Earth of their dimension. Excellent Abbott & Costello!

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