Gerald Polley Answers Questions
From The Public

October 25, 2,007

The first three questions were submitted by Rev. Dr. Orekh Kukaruka from Michigan.

1. Why does God or Jesus need you to channel their messages? In my understanding of the Bible, God and Jesus spoke to people many times without requiring a physical human body to perform the task. God also inspired men to write the Bible in its physical form. However, I do not see in the Bible where God or Jesus came upon a person and spoke through them from a first person point of view. Please explain.

A. You ask why God needs us to speak for Him. Why did He need Father Abraham? Why did He need Moses? Why did He need people to write down The Scriptures? Because He can't make each individual person hear Him! Because there are only a select few in each generation that are so attuned that He can speak to them. So He has to use these individuals to speak to others. That's why He used Jesus! He sent Him into the world to teach man what they needed to know to keep them from eternal death. This is why He has such servants. Many will claim they know Him and then teach falsity. But we speak truly. We will not corrupt what He gives us, even if man does not like it. We will give exactly what God gives to us! That is why God needs people to speak for Him, because He desires to save His children, and needs voices among them to speak His truth. We do not understand where you say you do not see where God came upon someone and had them express His point of view. Have you not read Exodus, the great work of Moses who directly channeled what God had to say to the people? All The Prophets, God spoke directly to Them and They told the people what God wanted! What we are now doing was done in The Scriptures time and time again! God used His servants to carry His messages!

2. Where in the Bible does it refer to Maine as the place where God will establish his kingdom on earth? I fear that I must have missed this part.

A. Well, certainly God never intended that the situation would arise where He would ever have to establish His earthly residence in Maine. But because Jerusalem, where God's Earthly residence should be, is corrupt and must be resanctified, before God can again make it His Earthly Domain for a time He must put His Glory elsewhere, so He can empower those that must save His Children. Eventually the glory of God will be returned where It belongs. But in the meantime God must go where there are those that will serve Him. And the people of Maine have said they will serve Him, and have empowered Him. So, for a time, His glory shall abide there. Because He has said "Because they have said unto me in my time of need, "Come! We would have you abide with us!" Surely I cannot forsake them and go on to others who desire me not."

3. What do you believe about suicide? You seem to have an affection toward Kurt Cobain and he killed himself. Does he really set a good example to follow?

A. In the fact that he committed suicide is not a good example. Kurt Cobain suffered greatly because of that and because of the drugs that he was involved in. But he is an example of God's great redeeming power! When he was lost The Light Of God reached out to him and restored him and returned him to The Light. Now, he has become a servant of God and is doing great things for God's children. The price of suicide, the suffering it causes, must always be taught. But when God chooses to redeem a soul and that soul answers and returns to His Glory, that must be praised! For it shows God's power to serve His people, and to bring the lost out of the Darkness and lead them back to eternal life. Sadly God does not always succeed, but when He does succeed His success must be praised and glorified.

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