To fully understand us we have to give you a little background. We're Spiritist ministers. We serve an entity in The Afterlife that is called The Spiritist Republic that has been, for untold ages, allied with The Kingdom Of God, though only a select few individuals on Earth knew of Its existence. We were sent into the world on a simple mission, to write Our Peoples History so as more and more of Us were reborn in human form to take part in what We call The Awakening, Our knowledge would not fade from existence in The Afterlife because there would be too few There to keep Its continuity. We have been carrying on this mission and have completed the task. We have been publishing sections of The Peoples' History for the last few years. However, things started to go awry with The Awakening. Totally unforseen things began to happen, the worst of which was the betrayal of Jesus in The Afterlife for Bill Clinton which threw The Kingdom Of God into chaos and nearly led to Its destruction. We got drafted into The Kingdom Of God's efforts to restore It, and, to save mankind, because if The Kingdom Of God fails, if It dies, mankind dies, the Earth will shrivel up and become lifeless. It has been a long hard struggle, but We have made incredible progress thanks to the efforts of Those in The Afterlife who would simply not give up, would not surrender, and helped Us perform miracle after miracle until The Kingdom Of God has not only been restored, but is more powerful than it has ever been before!
The creatures of Darkness who have been causing the trouble have not been content to let Us win. They are determined to break Jesus' power and destroy mankind. They are being led by the homosexual community, who is determined that if they can't have their way they'll destroy everything! Recently, there was an horrendous spiritual battle around Ellsworth, Maine, where God The Father wants to establish His Earthly Residence and transmit His power throughout the world until Jerusalem can be restored and The Holiest Of All returned there. During this battle Jesus was severely wounded and went into a period of suspension while He regenerated. He had been doing much work with us and it was necessary to continue that work. God The Father, Himself, came out of The Holiest Of All and for a time worked with us and empowered us. It was during this period that The Kingdom Of God reached saturation, 100% energy. God became so impressed that we were able to accomplish this, that He began to believe that We could do anything! So he instructed us to begin this presidential campaign, because He felt none of the other Republican candidates had a chance of winning, and it was imperative that Hillary Clinton or no other Democrat take control of The White House. It might very well reverse all Our efforts.
So that's why we're running, that's why we're beginning this campaign! It is a direct battle between good and evil! Those who oppose us wiill be opposing God. Those who stand with us will be supporting God, it's that simple! There's no in between, there's no either/or. If we fail there is a very good chance the Earth will wither and die and mankind will disappear from existence. So you can understand why it is imperative that we carry on this campaign. God believes we can win, and we don't want to disappoint Him!
What are we looking for from the people of North Dakota, from the Republicans there? Of course their support! We need as many of them campaigning for us as possible. We need their help in many ways. Before we get completely into the presidential campaign God wants us to finish our mission for our own People so that They will not feel that He is taking us away from our service to Them. Thusfar, we have only two of the major Works published and online. We desperately need a publisher to help us get one book a month out to the bookstores until the series is completed. God believes this will not only fulfill our mission, but make the people of The United States understand what kind of a person I am and what a good president I would be. We could use assistance with getting these books typed up and ready for the printers. We have rough versions that a publisher could probably take and make the master copies for. If the people of North Dakota could reach a publisher and say "Will you please help these people get this work out?" There are also several books that we have on our web sites that God wants printed in paper form and gotten out to the bookstores. If a publisher agrees to publish these works we will take them off line for two years while the paper versions are being circulated.
Here are the addresses to our main web site and our Presidential web site, which are filled with information about what is going on, and should be of benefit to you.



God has asked us to conduct our campaign by doing good deeds. There are several that He would like to have the people of North Dakota take part in. He wants to have pencils made up with the address to our presidential web site on them, notebooks with our campaign logo, and He would like to have these distributed to rural schools where the children do not have the bare necessities to learn. If the governor's wife could rally some of her friends, get these materials made, and distribute them to the schools, God would bless her eternally! To have her out there saying "I'm here representing Speaker Gerald Polley's presidential campaign. I have some gifts for the children!" you do not know how much that would delight God!

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