These are the most incredible times! There is a great spiritual war going on for the very existence of mankind. A group of demons, the worst of the worst, are attempting to break Jesus' power and to destroy the human race forever. Currently the battle to stop them is concentrated around Ellsworth, Maine, and Los Angeles, California. God is leading the battle in Ellsworth, which He is attempting to make His earthly residence. Jesus is leading the battle in Los Angeles. He would like to make His earthly residence in California so that The Kingdom Of God would have two energy sources on each end of The United States. Additional energy sources are trying to be established in North Dakota, and, Texas. This would give The Kingdom Of God a circle of power in The United States which would be of tremendous benefit in fighting the creatures of Darkness. Many of the details of what has been happening in this horrendous struggle are in the most recent issue of our magazine, "Voices From Spirit." Here is the link where it is available.


These are incredible times, absolutely incredible times! Things are happening spiritually that have never been seen before. The Kingdom Of God is more powerful than It has ever been. Unfortunately the creatures of Darkness are willing to drain their followers dry, take all of their life energy to fight Jesus until they die. Unless man can be made aware of what is happening and Jesus wins this tremendous struggle, mankind will perish. There will be no rebirth, no second coming. The world will shrivel and die, become a lifeless ball of mud. The Kingdom Of God is holding Its own, but to win Jesus must have LA, must have California. His desire to go there and talk to the people on national television using the body of Speaker Gerald Polley, is a desire that desperately needs to be fulfilled. Many will not like the things that Jesus has to say, but those who truly believe in Him will, the power of the dark ones would be broken, and mankind would go to the stars.

We have prepared a commercial that Jesus wants played on LA radio stations, but have been unable to raise the funds or even get stations to respond to our inquiries! If you would be willing to sponsor these ads, let us know. Here is a link to the ad.


There are four groups of spirits trying to get Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley a publisher so they will come to live in their particular state. The current contestants are Maine, California, Florida and North Dakota. They're all trying to be the ones to get their works printed and out into book stores. That is the condition that Jesus has sat forth for being the place that becomes their residence. Those who do God's glory will get God's workers! Jesus just wanted us to let people know it is still going on. Soomebody asked how could they move to Los Angeles with all that pollution? They would be buying a lot of air purifiers! There are two outcomes of this struggle. Mankind will wither and die on Earth or they will go to the stars, taking God's glory to other worlds. If Jesus loses mankind loses. Therefore, Jesus cannot lose! Come and find out what's going on. Join the strugle! Rally to Jesus!

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