Chapter Two

Now, Morning Star grew quickly, and his wisdom amazed those in The Palace. He was way ahead of children his own age. Children were brought into the Palace for him to play with, the sons of nobles. But though they played with him, little Morn could tell they did not like him, and the women whispered things when they thought he couldn't hear them.
2 They didn't know that he could hear like them. He had a Hashon's vision but a Haven's hearing. Even when they spoke in whispers, he heard their words. "Imagine," they complained, "our children having to play with a half blood! Bad enough that The Lord God took a Hashon whore for a wife, but we must bring our babies to play with the foulness she bore!"
3 Morn pretended he didn't hear, but these words and others often hurt him. To his surprise The Hashons greeted him exceptionally well. They were eager to serve him, and answered any question he ever asked. And when they didn't think he was listening he would hear them call him The Promised One.
4 One evening as he and his mother sat in their rooms having one of their private times, Morn looked up. "Mother," he asked, "your people do not believe my Father is The Maker of All Things, The Ruler of All The Universe. They think he is just an ordinary man, don't they?"
5 "My son," warned Golden One, "you must never ask such questions. They are forbidden. To speak of my peoples' Religion, to learn of it, is punishable by death. If anyone heard you asking such questions, it could mean your life. Even being The Lord God's favorite son might not save you."
6 "I know the knowledge is forbidden," answered Morn, "I also know you possess it. The other Hashons call you Speaker, and Blessed One. That means you have The Power."
7 Golden One rose, paced around the room, looking at her son. "You are too young to ask such questions," she argued, "too young to know such things. Every word you

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