Chapter Three

Northern Star was very excited that morning as he awoke, for he would, for the first time, visit the Resting Place of his Ancestors alone. It would be the first step towards his manhood.
2 The Young Angel went out to the balcony of his apartment and looked to The Holy of Holies to say his morning prayers. He thought how nice it was to live in an outside apartment and not one of the inner ones. He was pleased his father was a General and his family had his rank.
3 He showered and dressed, then looked over the list of Ancestors he would visit that day. As he was reading he heard the shower splashing, and knew by the lightness of the water, it was his mother. His father was sleeping late again because there had been some calls from Headquarters the night before.
4 As North entered the kitchen, his mother stood at the refrigerator, a distressed look on her face. "What's the matter, mother?" North asked.
5 ''I had two bottles of milk yesterday," she answered. "Now, there's only half of one. I don't have enough to make Muga for breakfast. You know how unhappy your father will be without it."
6 "It's my fault," Northern Star replied. "I drank the milk yesterday. I'll go to the store for more. There's time before father gets up."
7 ''But you can't!" his mother cried as he started for the balcony. "It's a Holy Day. You can't do any work on a Holy Day."
8 "Only work that's for pay!" cried her son, as he ran off the balcony to bring himself into flight. Three floors down from his apartment the boy's wings opened from his back, and he flew toward the food store his family used.
9 It was then that the sound of someone calling his name echoed in his ears. Upon looking to his right, he saw

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