Chapter Seven

One afternoon as Morn returned from school, a Messenger met him in the hall. "Young Lord," he announced, "The Lord God's brother, Bright Star, is in guest apartment twenty-six. He says he wants to speak with you on an urgent matter concerning your mother. He says for HER sake, you'd better come see him in private."
2 Morn's mother had warned him to stay away from his father's brother. "He has a sickness of the mind," she remarked, "that makes him want to do things with boys, that boys and men should not do."
3 "What sort of things?" Morn asked.
4 His mother had been hesitant to explain, but finally she answered. "He would want you to be to him, as I am to your father."
5 Morn understood her words. "He is what your people call a Lover of Men," he responded.
6 "Yes," answered his mother. Morn promised he would not go near the man, but now this strange summons forced him to deal with his uncle. Telling his Guard to wait at the check-in station he went down to the apartment.
7 When he rang the buzzer, the door was opened by his uncle. He was not surprised to find the man was wearing a very fancy woman's dressing robe. "Ah, my boy! " the man began, "I'm glad you have come. Come over here, sit on the couch beside me. There's something I want to discuss with you."
8 "I can stand," insisted Morn.
9 His uncle sat down on the couch with a smile. "I have come into possession," he continued, "of some documents that prove your mother is part of a conspiracy against The Lord God, papers that would surely cost her her life. However, I am willing to destroy these papers and pledge my silence, provided you and I get much better acquainted. I want to know my nephew better than I do now."
10 "I'm sure you do," snarled Morn, "but you won't. You're a liar. There's no such papers! You are merely trying

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