Chapter Eight

When it came time for The Games again, Morn put on such a splendid performance that North, still a little slowed from his injuries, could only manage third place. But there was no ill feelings on his part. The next year Morn came in first again, managing to best his friend by one-hundredth of a second in the running event.
2 All seemed well, but one afternoon as they were leaving school, Morn saw North speaking with his uncle, The Lord God's brother, who often lectured in the school. Morn crept closer and heard some conversation.
3 "I understand," remarked Bright Star, "you have shown a great interest in alien history, and are excelling in the subject. As you may have heard, I have an excellent collection of alien literature. Perhaps if you have a couple of hours, you would like to come by my apartment and see some of it."
4 "I would be interested," North told him, "I certainly have heard of' your collection. It's said to be the best private one in existence. I have some time this afternoon, if you're not busy."
5 "That would be excellent!" the older man agreed. "I have no appointments until later today. Come, let us be off!"
6 Morn wanted to step forward to interfere, to warn North not to go with this evil man, but his tongue froze and it was like someone was holding him. He screamed to North in his mind, but he and the older man only jumped off the balcony and soared away.
7 Suddenly Morn found he could move again; he saw another of his schoolmates go to the public phone and make a call. "Give me General Bold Star," he said, "emergency! Code Blue! Sir, they just left. They're on their way to his apartment. Yes sir. Thank you!"
8 The boy hung up the phone and turned around to find himself face to face with Morn. The boy kind of shrugged. "North's father pays me a little bit to keep an eye on him," the boy explained.

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