Chapter Sixteen

Their first six months at Academy seemed to fly by.  Morn was surprised when he learned North had hired the best private simulator in Academy City for the next four years they would be there! North had planned so far ahead that he'd had his uncle make the contracts two years ago.
2 "That's confidence! " laughed Morn when he heard. "But isn't it going to be a waste to have that machine sitting idle the times we won't be using it?"
3 "It won't be," North chuckled, "the days we don't use it, we'll rent it out ourselves. Now that you're going halves with me, we might even make a profit. " Both men laughed happily.
4 "You're a rascal, North! " Morn told him, "But you'll turn a profit anywhere! Those investments you talked me into are some of the best I've ever made. I appreciate your uncle handling my affairs for me while I'm here. It's a BIG help!"
5 “He said you're one of the family," North answered "but he has some serious questions about your last bookkeeper. He's having a talk with him."
6 There was only one thing that bothered North. Things were going too damned well, and he had a feeling of impending trouble. A few days later it came. He noticed one of his Fencing Instructors watching him very closely every time he was at practice, and it made him nervous.
7 That day the officer took North on in practice, and as they exchanged blows the officer began talking. "You know, North," he praised, "you're one of the most graceful people I've ever seen. Your moves are like a dancer. You're beauty in motion."
8 "Thank you, sir," North replied, easily avoiding the officer's attack.
9 ''You're married to a Hashon girl, aren't you?" the officer continued.
10 "Yes," North told him, expecting the usual questions as to what it was like making love to an alien woman.

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