Chapter Twenty-Four

After that, life for both Morn and North settled down into the routine of patrol. There was the occasional disciplinary problem on this station or that, but nothing really exciting. Life settled into a steady routine. North discovered that his ship's Doctor seemed to know every shady character on his patrol route.
2 As they stopped off at one particular station, the Doctor insisted that North accompany him on one of his journeys. They came to a modest-looking apartment building under one of the station's domes. The Doctor rang the door and an attendant arrived, greeting him warmly. "The girls will be overjoyed to see YOU!" he laughed. "Who's this?"
3 "My new Commander," explained the Doctor. "He's all right. I'll swear by him."
4 "O.k., Doc," the Attendant agreed. "If you say he's o.k."
5 The Doctor led the way into a plush lobby where many beautiful women were lounging around a small pool. They began to laugh and call excitedly when they saw the Doctor. North was beginning to get a pretty good idea what this place was.
6 There was a woman at a desk near the elevators that the Doctor went over to. He kept looking back to North, as he spoke, while North merely stood around watching the women splash in the water. He was curious as to how they managed to keep the skimpy little garments they wore, on. When he looked back again, the Doctor was gone, and the woman was coming over.
7 "See anything here you like, Commander?" she asked. "If not, I could take you up and introduce you to some of the women that work by appointment only."
8 North turned around and looked at the woman in a way that he did when he didn't believe what he was being told. "And just what would I be expected to pay one

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