Chapter Twenty-Six

"Doctor," instructed Morn, "you and your Medics wait here, while we three scout the passage. "
2 They activated the hatch's controls, and found it opened without difficulty. A weak shield was in effect across the passageway to keep out the cold. Otherwise than that, their progress was unimpeded.
3 Inside the lock, Morn motioned his two companions to wait, and he stepped through the hatch into the inner passage. Barely had he done so, then the inner hatch slammed shut.
4 As Morn turned to see what had happened, a panel in the wall sprung open, and before Morn could swing back, a large, metallic figure rushed forward. With lightning fast precision, the droid snatched away Morn's sword and shield, hurling them down the hall. Then, it snatched Morn's battle com and withdrew, leaving him startled.
5 The droid held the battle com in one hand, and a sword in another. The other two folded back into his body. It drew in its legs and sat studying Morn. Behind Morn there was banging on the hatch and over his com he could hear his companions asking if he was alright.
6 Morn thought to the implant in his skull. "Ship, I have been disarmed and my battle com has been taken away by a droid. Tell those with me to take no action. I seem to be in no immediate danger. Tell them to stand by."
7 "Understood! " the ship responded.
8 After a moment the banging on the hatch stopped. The droid, whose massive head had been turned towards the hatch now swung back toward Morn. It still seemed to be studying him, and Morn was studying it.
9 It had reflective armor and also several shield elements, forward. He had his dagger, but he would have to get close for it to be effective, and he knew nothing about this droid's design, had no idea where its vital points were. And from the size of it, it might be atomic

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