this time, another operation will not be possible.
9 Our son's strength is failing. We beg of you to pray for him and to ask The Lords to give Their Favor so this operation be successful. Though we are Havens, we have long believed in The Power of Your Lords, and know that if you ask Them, They will fulfill our prayers better than The Holy Spirit."
10 "It can do no harm to try!" said Morn. "Give me the letter!" Morn took the letter, held it between his hands, and prayed, then set it on his desk. "What's the next one?" he asked.
11 "Our Most Gracious And Beloved Lord," the Aide read, "Our beloved daughter's second Rejuvenation has unexpectedly failed, and she is rapidly aging. Two further attempts at the rejuvenation process have also failed.
12 She is only one-hundred-and-fifty, and fears death. She is afraid she has committed some grave error for which The Lords punish her. We ask you in Your Benevolant Mercy, to come to her aide in whatever way The Lords see fit."
13 The Aide handed Morn the letter, and he again prayed. As soon as he finished, the Aide read the next letter.
14 "Our Most Beloved And Wonderful Lord, Glory To Our People. Some months ago, our oldest son suffered an accident in which his head was slightly injured, but when he awoke his wits were gone. He knew none of us, and walked about as if he was half asleep. He does not recognize his mate or his child.
15 We pray, Lord, you intercede on his behalf with The Beloved, and ask Them to restore him to his former self. For those who love him need his comfort."
16 Morn took the letter and again prayed. "Send a reply to each one," he ordered when he was done, "telling them I have done as they requested.
17 Now if I could only solve my other problem as

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