the damage your ill-considered actions have caused. It is only right that you at least give him the courtesy of hearing his words."
26 North had been shuffling the cards. "Do you know how to play Points?" he asked.
27 The Aide smiled. "I am familiar with the game."
28 "We're playing for ten hundreds a point."
29 "I'll play a few hands," the Aide agreed.
30 The droid rose and the Aide took his seat. "I'll leave you gentlemen," the Guard said, and backed out, locking the door behind her.
31 North shook his head. "I'll never get used to your Hashon ideas," he laughed, "female Guards guard male prisoners, male Guards guard female prisoners. Why not the other way around?"
32 "It would make too many problems," the young Aide explained. "Among our people it is offensive for a man to touch a man, or a woman to touch a woman. In the circumstances of prison life we feel our Guard system works better. "
33 The young man completed the series and laid down his hand. North shook his head. "You're as bad as the droid!" he laughed, "I can't seem to beat anybody in here!"
34 The Aide took the cards and began to shuffle. "Tell me," inquired North, "you call Morn Lord. What does that mean?"
35 "Teacher,” the young Aide explained as he dealt out the cards.
36 "Teacher," muttered North, "one who teaches things. I thought it meant Master, Ruler, one who gives the orders."
37 "The First Speaker," explained the Aide, "is never a Master. He rules because the people love him and respect his wisdom. He teaches the Ways of The Lords and keeps The Law."

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