Chapter Fifty-Three

As the fight began North's young opponent stayed on the ground, forcing North to do likewise. He had requested the power packs be removed from their swords so they relied on the blades, alone. It was naked sword against naked sword, shield against shield. As they fought,
North sensed something was wrong. The youngster was good, but North should have been able to handle him much better than he was doing.
2 After a couple of minutes the youngster even got by his guard and nicked North's leg. The wound was not serious, but North had to direct extra thought from his mind to control the bleeding. His mind, North thought. A sudden realization struck him. There was someone in his mind, trying to control his mind, slowing his responses, trying to leave him open to his opponent's attacks!
3 North was good, but not even he could do three things at once. He reached for the intruder in his mind, tried to follow the thoughts to their source. He looked on to the Priest sitting motionless beside The Lord God. North knew he needed help, and quickly!
4 Summoning all his skill he continued to fight while he sent a desperate thought transmission to Morn and prayed he received it! "Morn! Get that God damned Priest out of my mind, or this man is going to kill me!"
5 Morn, who had, himself, been curious and worried at North's poor showing suddenly sat bolt upright, and turned towards the Priest. North saw this movement and knew his friend had received his urgent call.
6 Already Morn's mind was reaching out for the one attacking North. But what could he do? If he tried to force the Priest out of North's mind, the resulting confusion could be as deadly as the Priest's interference! And, the young man had been subconsciously programmed to prevent anyone interfering with HIS mind.

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