adventures are here, too!"
32 "What I have done," laughed Morning star, "is not very exciting, it is merely the boring day by day running of the government. That would not hold anybody's interest. But North's adventures will, and there is much to learn from all of them! The wondrous ways in which The Lords use him, fill my heart.
33 Do you think this last adventure was all an accident? That it just happened? Do not believe it! The Hands Of The Lords were in all of it. He was guided from beginning to end. Someday, though he does not know it, and would laugh at the idea, Northern Star will sit in the seat I now occupy. I have known this for many years.
34 Even your encouraging him to join Our Fathers' Faith was part of Their Great Plan. But never a word of what I just said to North, or any of his family. Do you understand?"
35 "Yes, Lord!" the younger answered, "Whatever it is you command, I will do. but how can Northern Star be First Speaker? He would first have to be a Speaker!"
36 Morn laughed. "All things in their own good time."
37 His son smiled. "Of course," he continued, "you know all things. He WILL be a Speaker, he WILL join The Faith. But for him to be First Speaker you will have to resign, or....."
38 Morn raised his hand, palm up. "Look into my eyes," he instructed, "and understand. You are to speak no more of that, my son, or ever think of it again. Do you understand?"
39 "Yes, father," the young man answered. "I begin to understand. I begin to understand all too well."
40 Bright Star, determined that the record of his father's achievements would NOT be lost. From that day onward he recorded every fact about his father that he

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