Chapter Sixty-One

Now, while North had been planning the mission to Haven, and involved in his return from it, The Peepians had arrived on Hades. But it was a very low level delegation. "We wish to observe," they announced, "study, then we will return with our reports and our people will send more delegates later!"
2 "Very well," Morn agreed. "You have the freedom to go where you will, and speak with whoever you want."
3 So for months The Peepians went everywhere. Then, without a word, just as North departed to attack Haven, they, too, departed. Morn was upset that they had left without a word. But two weeks after North returned, a ship arrived with a delegation from each of The Peepian's five major races; The Spearons, The Trions, The Sax, The Mindlos, and The Freemen.
4 It was requested that Morn meet each group separately, and be interviewed by them. The first to come in was The Spearons. They seated themselves, took refreshment, and then their spokesman began to ask their questions.
5 "We are much alike," he began, "outwardly, your Law is very similar to ours. But there seems to be some contradictions, and we would like some clarifications.
6 First of all, you say you believe in freedom of speech, yet you have Laws that restrict your publications, such as this one. "No publication or newscast may state at any time, that a person arrested for a crime is guilty of that crime, nor can they use the suspect's name.'
7 There is also a Law saying that 'Publications and broadcasts may report on any public official's actions in public matters, but they may NOT report on the activities of his or her private life without that person's permission.'
8 This one says 'No publication or broadcast may teach the philosophy of a superior race.'

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