same time thinking back to that sad day when his aunt and uncle beamed up to the departing ship.
175 "We love you, North," his uncle had assured, "understand, anything I say and do when I get home will not be directed at you, personally. We understand how you felt when you lost your father, but you're wrong, North, in forsaking your God, and the tradition of your people. Our God is real, North. He gave us so much. What you're doing is wrong. We will pray every day that you will return to his love."
176 "I understand," comforted North, "you must follow your own heart, and there is no bitterness in mine towards you. I thank you for all that you did for me in those hours I needed it the most."
177 North nodded. "The response is fine," he agreed, "we've got another month before the yards can touch my ship. I hope you understand my insistence on that."
178 "Our honor," said Morn, "is all we have that is truly ours. You gave your word. I would never ask you to break it. Anyways, the yards are busy and you're being forced to take a break that you've needed for a long time. You'll have plenty of time to think about your mission to Peepi.
179 This might help you....a Book Of Change and a book on their customs, their symbols of rank, and so forth. It's a little confusing. Unlike us, they don't have one standard uniform or insignia system, and each Officer, no matter where he is stationed, wears the uniform and insignia of his own particular group."
180 "I'll master it!" North assured, "If I don't I.S. WILL! I never thought I'd have a droid for my permanent Aide. When you suggested it, I almost balked, but I.S. isn't like other droids. It's almost as if he's alive! Well, back to my life of leisure. Let me know when and where the ceremony will be."
181 "I will," Morn agreed, "don't worry, I will!"

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