Chapter Sixty-Six

By the time North arrived home he found the children had already eaten. His meal was sat on the table, and his wives were busy dressing themselves, and the children in their finest clothes. "Come on!" insisted Sweet Cloud, "Eat your supper, take a shower, and get dressed. We've only got an hour before we have to leave."
2 "Leave for what?" inquired North.
3 "Spearina's ceremony," announced Valley Blossom.
4 "She's not wasting any time, is she?" North laughed.
5 The meal was good, and he took time to enjoy it, then he showered and donned his dress uniform, transferring his dagger and battle com to the dress belt. By the time he rejoined his wives they were ready to depart. "I suppose you three have already decided on a date for the mating ceremony."
6 "Oh, we had THAT all arranged three months ago!" Sweet Cloud announced. A nasty look from Valley Blossom kept her from saying any more.
7 North put his arms around both of them. "It's all right," he laughed, "I don't mind you two conspiring against me as long as it's something I won't worry about. When do we plan this happy occasion?"
8 Sweet Blossom looked at her sister wife who nodded. "Next Fifth Day," she announced.
9 "And how long do you expect me to take off?" North inquired.
10 Valley Blossom began to straighten his collar. "Your Staff already knows you'll be gone for a week," she explained. "Now don't worry about your miserable old Fleet! Your fine Officers can take care of it for five days. Take the time to give our sister the joy she needs, and to get to know each-other. And do remember my aggressive husband , she is a child and has not known men. Act accordingly."

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