Chapter Seventy

North saw Morn's forces approaching from the west as he approached from the east. As Morn descended into The Palace, North descended into The Temple Grounds.
2 The Goddens threw everything they had at them. It was cruel hand to hand fighting. Even Priests appeared, taking up the fallen shields and swords of the Guards. And in some places women joined the battle.
3 Something kept nagging at the back of North's mind. The family that had ruled Haven for so long had been devastated in the fighting. Only The One Like The Lord God and Morn were left. According to their Law Morn's children could not inherit because they were produced artificially and therefore to The Goddens, they were non-entities, non-existent. But as long as Morn lived there would be an heir to the Throne.
4 Suddenly there was a flash in North's mind. ''NO!" he screamed. He spun around and fled the area where he was fighting and made for the corridors that connected The Temple to The Palace. Anyone that got in his way fell in an instant.
5 North entered The Great Hall and found the battle raging there. It was full of his people and defenders. On the far side Morn was engaged in personal combat with The Lord God, himself!
6 North pushed his way through the struggle dropping a Godden with almost every step. So violent was his passage, that it cost The Goddens the battle. For many witnessing his terrible passage turned and fled in sheer horror.
7 North was barely a step away when The Lord God's sword found its mark. In one horrible instant it drove clean through Morn. The Lord God withdrew, and was about to strike again when North literally took his head off.
8 What courage The Goddens had left now, fled them,

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