Chapter Seven

So The Voice came day after day teaching the woman The Lords' Ways, and when her husband learned of this he was angry, at first, saying he would have no part of it. But then, as the woman told him what she was learning, he, too, joined in, and many of their people, also, came to the Lessons.
2 Then, one day, as The Voice arrived, he found The Lord God in the city; the woman, Eve, her husband, Adam; and all those who had gathered in the park.
3 "What is this that you have done?" cried The Lord God. "You are the foulest of all creatures! Because of this, you are below all the cattle and the beasts of the fields. You should crawl upon your belly and eat the dust of the earth all the days of your life.
4 I put hatred between you and the seed of this woman who has betrayed me. Her children shall bash the heads of your children, and you shall bite at their heels.
5 You, woman, I have shown favor on, and all your sisters. You have known no pain in bringing forth your children, but from this day forth you shall. Your desire for your man shall overpower you, and even though you know the pain that shall come of it, you shall give yourselves to him and he shall rule over you in all things. For it was you that betrayed me.
6 From this day forth you shall not have the tools that I give you to do your work, but you shall scratch at the ground with sticks and thorns and
thistle shall be your crops. By your sweat and your toil will you make your bread until you return to the ground and become that dust that I made you out of.
7 Now GO! The ships outside the city will drop you at a place near HIS land. If you desire his WAY, live by him, for you are now a curse to me and, all your people. Now, I shall have to begin anew and make NEW servants to tend my gardens."

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