Chapter Eight

So it was The Lord God expelled Eve, her husband, and their followers from his land, then, closed his land to The Children Of Spirit.
2 Adam and Eve took up residence in a valley not far from Sodom, there making for themselves pleasant farms, becoming worshipers of The Lords.
3 Cain and Abel settled in a valley to the north of Eden, but the two brothers began to quarrel over who was the greatest among them. The Lord God showed favor to Abel, for he was the brightest, and, the wisest. One night in anger, Cain slipped into Abel's village and murdered him as he slept.
4 In the morning The Lord God confronted him. "What is this that you have done?" he cried. "Your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground. You have murdered flesh of your flesh, blood of your blood. Put a mark on his forehead for all men to see, that he is a murderer and any man among my people that sees this mark shall strike him down and take his life without punishment. Throw him out into the wilderness with the savages, and if he ever returns again into my land, take his life!"
5 In the wilderness Cain wailed bitterly. "My God, my God, your punishment is too great! Better that you had taken my life than cast me out into this darkness!"
6 Cain took native wives and a large tribe grew up from his descendants.

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