Chapter Four

So it was that come next fall a vast army led by The First Speaker, Gray Goat, and Singing Hawk marched into the desert. The story was they were going to march to Fr, load on ships, sail across the lake, and attack Faith. But once they were out in the desert, Gray Goat ordered a change in direction. Instead of marching east they marched due west.
2 "I don't understand," questioned The First Speaker, "what are you doing? The ships at Fr are ready. We will never make the rendezvous."
3 "True," explained Gray Goat, "we never will. I never intended to go to Fr. I have sent secret orders there that are only to be opened at a certain time. It will instruct our people that we are not coming, and that they are to make raids along The One's coast at the appropriate time."
4 "I don't understand," continued The First Speaker.
5 Gray Goat laughed. "The Oneness," he explained, "has agents in our Land. Where do you think the greatest majority of his forces are right now? They're at Faith, Truth, and Wisdom, expecting an attack by water. But that's not how the attack is going to come.
6 We are going to slip down the edge of the mountains and sweep down on Hope from the west, overrunning their villages and besieging the city. Then, we will march south, and take Soldier, block the road, march north, and take Faith.
7 With any luck, most of the enemy's armies won't even be where we're attacking, and if we hit hard and fast enough, they'll never be able to regroup."
8 "You're not out-fighting them," laughed The First Speaker, "you're out-witting them!"

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