Chapter Ten

So the next morning after they had had breakfast, they gathered for their first lesson. The Old Fox seated them in The Temple in a circle; man, woman, man woman they sat. And he sat in their center.
2 "Now, whenever you teach," he told them, "this is always how you are to make the circle....with The Teacher in the center, and the students around them, alternately, male and female. You may teach up to ten students to a time, but never more than that, though less is permitted. If there are others who want to learn, they may observe, but may not take part until there are spaces in the circle. Do you all understand?
3 Silver Fox raised his hand. "I do not, Lord, at all. What difference does it make? If there were a hundred to teach, wouldn't it be better? And why not put the women on one side of the room, and the men on the other?"
4 "The answers to your questions are simple," The Old Fox replied, "and will become more apparent as we learn. First of all, we sit in the circle because it is the easiest way for The Lords to protect us. As Their energy flows around the circle like a mighty invisible river, a light is generated, that only Spirit can see. But that Light cleanses, driving away all evil, making the circle pure. We sit alternately, so that the energy will flow smoothly. If all the men were on one side of the room, and all the women were on another, the circle would be unbalanced. Do you understand, my brother?"
5 "I think so," he said, "but why only ten?"
6 "So you can give each student the individual attention that they need. Any more than ten, and you would be stretched too far. You would rapidly use up your power and burn yourself out.
7 Follow Spirit's directions! They are wise. They know what is good. Do not be impatient. It is one of the worst emotions of all.
8 Now before you begin, there is a warning I must give you. You will be taught the Ways of Truth and as your inner eyes are opened, you will be able to see the secrets in men's hearts.
9 You will know who lies and who speaks the truth. You will make fair decisions and do good for your people. And those who worship darkness, who want to keep the people ignorant and unkowing, will hate you for The Light you give the people. For they would rather have them dependant on the gods and easily susceptible to their tyranny and lies.
10 Because you hold The Truth and because you have The Power, there are those that will seek your life. And if they cannot take your life, they will speak lies of you, trying to discredit you. All manner of evil will they accuse you of because they hate The Light that is inside you.
11 But if you persevere, if you fear not evil, and do The Lords Will, then a great reward shall be yours. For The Lords have said to me 'Those who serve My children and protect them from evil, those will I raise to a great glory. Those, shall I give holy names.'
12 Now, what shall it be? Are there any among you that wish to leave, or, shall we begin?"
13 And as he turned to each student, they bowed their heads and said, "Let us begin."
14 "Very well," continued The Old Fox, "then whatever happens fear not, for The Lords are with you. Now, the first thing you must do before you do any holy work, rather it is presiding in The Temple, or giving someone a message from a loved one, you must first protect youreselves, and this is how you are to do it. Put your hands together and touch your finger-tips. Now, open them up and spread them as far as you can. This is The Lords' Temple. You carry it with you wherever you go, and whenever you pray, you are to do in like manner.
15 Now, three times you repeat "I surround myself with The White Light of Spirit, and nothing but good shall enter my Light." And as they were directed, the students obeyed. "Now," The Old Fox announced, "The Lords protect you."
16 "That is all?" Morning Glory Hawk asked. "Those few simple words?"
17 "That is all," The Old Fox told her. "That is all you need. Now that you are protected, you may open yourselves. Extend your hands and take the hand of that one next to you. Relax, and empty your mind. Let your spirit drift.
18 Think of a clear, cool, dark night. You are staring into the cloud-covered sky and see only the darkness. Empty your minds. See only the darkness, only the emptiness. Let every thought be swallowed by it. Let it eat up all desire until everything is gone."
19 "It's frightening," said Little Bay Blossom Fox. "It is so vast. I am affraid I will become lost."
20 "It is all right," The Old Fox comforted, "Spirit is with you. You are never, ever alone. Feel for Them in the darkness, and you will know They are there. You are surrounded by Their Light. Even though you are in the darkness, They are there."
21 The girl began to calm. "Yes," she said, "Yes, I feel it...a softness; a gentleness."
22 "Good," The Old Fox continued. "If you ever look into the darkness and feel anything else, turn away from it. Never touch it! If it is not what you feel now, it is not The Lords."
23 Now, there is a speck of Light exactly in the middle before you. It is like the tiniest ember of a fire, but it grows larger and larger. Do not force it. You can never force it. Let it come of of its own accord. I want each of you to tell me when you see The Light."

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