24 Slowly each person acknowledged that they could see The Light. "Good," complimented The Old Fox., "by now it should be as big as your hand." All nodded in agreement.
25 "Now, I want all of you, except Silver Fox, to open your eyes, gently, quietly." All obeyed. "Now Silver Fox," The Teacher instructed, "let The Light grow bigger until it fills all your vision. Images will begin to appear, and when they do I want you to tell me what they are."
26 For many minutes Silver Fox sat silent. "I do not understand, Teacher," he explained, "It is as if I have my eyes open. I can see everyone in the room, but there are strange things, also. I can see you, but it is as if you are sitting in a golden bowl made of glass and a golden thread of light is coming out of you and going to each of us. There is also a golden light coming from us going to you. And about the circle the golden light flows. As you said, it goes completely around us and curves above us meeting just short of the ceiling. But it is not like what covers you. It is like fire. I fear if I touched it I would be burned!
27 About each person is a bowl like yours, but they are not as bright. Some are barely visible, while some indeed, are quite bright. I see these things," he admitted, "but I do not understand their meaning. Tell me, Lord, what do they mean?"
28 "Spirit is showing you what I spoke of. You see our sacred Light and you also see The Power Of Spirit surrounding us as I have told you it would. Little Yellow Blossom," said The Old Fox, "trade places with Red Fox. Red Fox...sit where she sits." The two quickly obeyed. "Now, Silver Fox," The Old Fox continued, "tell us what you see."
29 "Strange things!" Silver Fox told him. "The Light around Little Bay Blossom and Little Sweet Blossom has changed! It is now not like a bowl, but like flowing water. And on the side where they are next to each other, it keeps jumping back toward their bodies. It is the same between me and Red Fox." 30 "What about the energy flowing around us?" asked The Old Fox.
31 "That also has changed. Where it once flowed smoothly it is now like an angry river. It seems to smooth out after it passes the two women, but as soon as it reaches Red Fox and I, it again starts to boil."
32 "Now do you understand the purpose of the circle?" The Old Fox asked. "Return to your places," he told his other students. After they had sat down The Old Fox spoke. "Silver Fox was still unsure. He did not understand what Spirit was saying, so They showed him without question, the reason why the circles must be thus. Do all of you understand?" Everyone in the circle nodded.
33 "Then we will go on," The Old Fox announced. "Silver Fox, clear your mind. Valley Blossom Crow, close your eyes. As Silver Fox opens his, The Light will come to you. Tell us what you see."
34 "I see a foggy darkness," Valley Blossom told them. "I am passing through it. I see a beautiful place where there are fine houses. I see another place. There are cottages and houses here, too, but they seem gray and dark. I see two men inside one of the houses. They are dressed only in loin cloths. They come to each other and embrace. I think they are kissing. Suddenly there is a bright flash, like fire, and it is like someone has thrown them away from each other, and they both strike the walls. One gets up and staggers weeping, to the bed, and the other walks outside. He looks up to the sky and cries 'Gods of the heavens, why do you punish us? Leave us alone!' There is a bed made outside the house on a small porch. He goes to it and lies down.
35 Now, I am back in The Place of The Light by a beautiful little house. I see a man and woman inside. They, also, are embracing and kissing, but a light grows around them. It swims and flows with their joy. It seems to go in and out of each of them. It is a very beautiful sight. Now, they are going towards their bed." Valley Blossom opened her eyes. "Lord," she protested, "it is not proper for me to watch this! I am seeing private things that others should not observe!"
36 "It is all right," The Old Fox told her, "The Lords Themselves, would have shut the curtain soon. There is a reason for what you are seeing."
37 "I am not sure," the woman said. "I do not want to see any more. The Lords have shown me enough . I understand The Law now. I see no reason. I am embarrassed seeing these things. I do not wish to see any more."
38 "I believe," argued The Old Fox, "there are still doubts in your mind. Close your eyes again. Look once more."
39 Valley Blossom did as she was told. "I see in this world," she continued. "I see two men embracing. I can see inside them. It is like they are on fire inside. Now they are going behind a curtain, and some time has passed. Now, they are emerging. They seem happy on the outside, even greatly pleased. But inside, the fire is brighter. It leaps out at every person they come near, male or female, thrusting itself against their Light and being pushed away.
40 Now, I see a man and a woman together. They, too, are embracing, but the fire inside them is swimming together, merging. They, too, are going behind the curtains. After some time has passed, they emerge. They are truly pleased, and the fire inside them is almost gone. It burns quietly, peacefully. Now, The Light is fading. It is just a dim spark again." She opened her eyes and looked at The Old Fox. "Teacher," she asked, "could it be the same with women as well as men?"
41 "Exactly so," The Old Fox told her. "Explain to the others what you have seen, and why."
42 "I had doubts," she admitted, "about The Law Of Spirit saying that men could not lie with men, or women with women. I thought Spirit was wrong. I saw no harm in it, as long as they did not bother others. Now I understand. The soul is different just like the body. The soul of a woman is made to match the soul of a man and the soul of a

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