Chapter One

Now, in the 957th Season From The Beginning, a young Speaker from Northern was elected First Speaker. At first he was a good First Speaker, but as the years passed he became laxer and laxer.  Those he chose for advisors were not of the best quality, and many he appointed to positions of authority were more interested in money than duty.
2 There was no city that was absolutely corrupt, but there was corruption in every city. Red Cat had one good adviser, though. His name was Shy Fox, who was his High Warlock.
3 Constantly he brought The First Speaker petition of complaint which The First Speaker half-heartedly listened to, gave quick judgments
on, then hurried off to an ale house, or, a house of pleasure.
4 Many nights he was carried back to The First Speaker's House and his second mate, Thorn Blossom, would put him to bed. Everyone knew of these activities and many frowned on them. Very few women came to The First Speaker seeking children. Those that did either quickly went away without giving a reason, or left fulfilled but telling of strange things in The First Speaker's House.
5 The First Speaker's first mate spent most of her time visiting the rich and made fun of Thorn Blossom in her efforts to help the poor. "Little miss goody-goody," she called her. "I don't know why he keeps you, anyway. He's hardly ever in YOUR bed. Our brave young Warlock usually keeps it occupied."
6 Thorn Blossom would often snap back, "Red Cat

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